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Did Trump Name His Son After Barron Hilton? There Are A Few Possibilities

A powerful family who builds five-star hotels. Late night parties with beautiful actresses. Famous siblings who always seem to be overshadowing him. Young Barron is living the jetset life and seems to be loving it. Nope, I'm not talking about Barron Trump, but that other Barron, of the Hilton family. It does seem like sort of a weird coincidence, doesn't it? I mean, how many Barrons do you know wandering around in real life? It has me wondering if Trump named Barron after Barron Hilton (which would be weird and confusing, but we're talking about Trump here so...).

Well, it looks as though there are two viable possibilities behind Barron's illustrious name; Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio believed Trump was referencing Barron Hilton with the name. After all, the original William Barron Hilton inherited his massive hotel dynasty from father Conrad Hilton and managed to make it an even bigger success than it already was. Now 89 years old, William Barron Hilton is considered a great philanthropist, a brilliant businessman and a true socialite. Perhaps Trump thought his own son Barron would follow in this man's footsteps; taking a life of privilege and turning it into something greater than it already was before. Not a bad life goal. Then, of course, there is the younger Barron Hilton... not sure if The Donald was looking to him as a true inspiration, honestly.

The other possible explanation for Barron's name? It turns out, Trump used the alias "John Barron" for more than a decade. He referred to John Barron as his spokesperson throughout the 1980s, but really it was just him the whole time. According to The Washington Post, Trump used John Barron as a "way to hide from reporters and seem important." At different times, Trump used John Barron to tell reporters he was unavailable for days at a time or to put a positive spin on business deals that had gone sour.

Trump was finally discovered to be the real John Barron during a lawsuit in 1990, when he swore under oath that “I believe on occasion I used that name.” According to The Washington Post, the whole alias thing ran in the family; Trump's father Fred Trump reportedly sometimes used the name "Mr. Green" in business.

Whether Trump wanted to name Barron after his old imaginary friend, John Barron, or real-life hotelier William Barron Hilton is still a bit of a mystery. But one thing is for certain: Trump is super in love with the name. In 2004, there was a brief moment when a possible scripted drama based on Trump's life almost came into fruition, and one of Trump's main request for the show? The main character's last name should be Barron. Weird.