Disney World's Cinderella Carriage Strollers Are Both Magical & Oddly Affordable

There's a new stroller in town and it's literally everything your inner five-year-old has ever dreamed of. Right now, you can actually rent a Disney World Cinderella carriage when you visit the Disney theme park. That's right, your princess or prince will be riding in serious style thanks to these decked out Cinderella stroller carriages — a true one-of-a-kind experience.

Remember those park strollers that you could rent back in the day? If you've ever been to Disney World with a younger sibling, then you know what I'm talking about. How much more awesome would those Disney World family vacations have been if that stroller looked like your very own magical Cinderella carriage? I mean, Disney World is already the absolute best place ever, but a rental from Fantasy Strollers would have made it that much more memorable. (Seriously, why didn't they think of this stuff when I was a kid?) And before you freak out and assume this thing will cost more than the trip itself, check out these super attractive and surprisingly affordable details.

You can rent the stroller for 8 hours, and it will be dropped off to you at the park or outside the main lobby at your resort. So convenient, right? There is also a reservation option with pick-up and drop-off transportation in case you're not staying within walking distance of the resort.

The carriage can hold two children, each weighing under 95 pounds. Perfect for a pair of wannabe royals, and way more stylish then those plain old double strollers. Each stroller comes complete with built-in lights with several color options, plus carriage lanterns which would look so magical at nighttime. Don't worry about anyone stealing your ride either, because these babies come equipped with anti-theft trackers. Thieves should think twice before they try to steal this ride.

There are also cup holders for both the kids and you, hangers for your bags, seat belts — because, safety before style — and an easy to push steering system and breaks, just like a regular stroller. Some packages come with a silk rose for each child, too... now how sweet is that? But the best part, hands down, is that the seats can turn into a bed where your little one can take a nap. Pricing starts at $132 for an eight hour rental, so it won't break the bank.

The Fantasy Strollers website also offers cute prince and princess outfits to complete the magical day in style. Most of the sizes range from a child's size 2 to 6 and there are several outfit choices: There's a Cinderella dress, a Prince Charming outfit, an Aurora costume — also known as Sleeping Beauty — and even a Jedi costume for those little Star Wars fans. Prices range from $60 to $100 and are an additional cost. If you're thinking about reserving a stroller for a special event, like a wedding, photo shoot or birthday party, be sure you make your reservation at least three months in advance because reservations fill up quick.

This epic fantasy stroller is perfect for your Disney getaway or special occasion and will certainly be a memory your kids will have for years to come. You can create a magical day for the little ones without spending their college fund, imagine that! Contact Fantasy Strollers to begin your reservation and get ready for a magical ride.