Kids Can Learn To Draw 'Frozen's Olaf & More Free Activities On Disney's New Website

Disney keeps coming up with new and improved ways to make staying home better and better for families. For instance, Disney just launched its free "Magic Moments" website that offers parents a whole array of Disney-themed entertainment to keep kids occupied for hours and hours at a time.

Of course, Disney has been keeping families entertained with movies, television shows, and even some especially brilliant animated shorts on Disney+. The new Magic Moments website, however, offers a different kind of entertainment, as well as a little bit of education.

Think your kids might want to take a tutorial on how to draw Olaf the snowman from the Frozen movies? Well they can learn exactly how to do that from Frozen Supervising Animator Hyrum Osmond, who walks viewers through the step-by-step process on the website. Or perhaps a member of your family (you or your child, no judgments here) would like to have John Stamos read a bedtime story. Well just head on over to the Magic Moments website and you'll find Uncle Jesse reading A Kiss Goodnight, written by songwriter and Disney legend Richard Sherman. If that doesn't float your boat, why not take a virtual boat ride through the famous Disney ride "It's A Small World" with your kids online?

The newly launched website is free, super simple to navigate, does not require users to sign in, and offers tons of resources for both kids and the people taking care of them at home right now. If parents and kids find themselves reaching out to friends and family through video calls a lot, for instance, they can visit Disney's Magic Moments website to download cool backgrounds created by Pixar, either for their mobile phone or desktop. You can download a background that looks like Andy's room from Toy Story, or an ocean theme from Finding Nemo, the living room from Up... so many good options. There are also learning resource tools available on the website through Pixar In A Box and National Geographic, for parents who want a little education mixed in with their entertainment.

As families are spending more time at home, the struggle to keep kids entertained and educated with a minimum of fuss is an everyday issue. But Disney's Magic Moments website just made that struggle so much easier for everyone.