Disney's Halloween Mouse Ears Are So Cute & Sparkly, You'll Be Wishing It Was October RN

They don't call the Disney theme parks the "happiest place on earth" for nothing. Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World continue to bring joy to visitors — both young and old alike — for so many reasons. There really is something so magical about Disney, and during the holidays, that magic is next level. With one very spooky holiday coming up in the next two months, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Disney's Halloween Minnie Mouse ears will have park visitors excited for this upcoming fall holiday filled with a few tricks, but mostly treats.

This week, Disney released a bunch of new merchandise to get visitors super excited for the upcoming holiday season, according to PopSugar, and it worked. The newest candy corn decorated ears are definitely going to be everyone's newest obsession. Sure, Halloween might not seem like a major holiday, but for every single little kid (and those of us who are still a kid at heart) it is. It is the one day a year that people can dress up as anything their heart desires — and the one season a year when people can decorate their homes in a super spooky way to scare off all their nosy neighbors.

Not to mention, it is the one time a year where people visiting the Disney theme parks can wear Halloween-themed ears. And these candy corn Minnie ears, released plenty of time before Halloween are something that park-goers will definitely want to wear. Just look at them! The sequins and candy corn pieces on the ears are a fun, sweet, sophisticated take on Halloween.

They're absolutely perfect — and not because the ears say "I'm just here for the candy" (because that is the truth) on the side of them, according to Chip and Company. The best thing is, these tickets won't cost the price of a ticket to get in to the theme parks. These ears only cost $25, according to PopSugar, and are available at both Disney parks on both coasts, according to Chip and Company.

But these aren't the only ears that were released in time for Halloween. Disney has released colorful Halloween ears inspired by the incredible Pixar film, Coco, according to PopSugar, that sold out in just two hours. This Halloween, Disney also released some new Nightmare Before Christmas and Day of the Dead inspired ears, according to Walt Disney World News Today. So, if candy (or candy corn) isn't park-goers thing, then they have plenty of super sweet options to choose from for Halloween. Needless to say, people are pretty excited about these seasonal ears.

Just like the Instagram famous sequined rose gold Minnie ears which sold out in both parks and the Pride Month themed rainbow Mickey ears, these candy corn ears are definitely going to be big. So if people like them, then they should get themselves to a Disney theme park as soon as possible — or, people could check out websites like Etsy for a handmade take on the candy corn ears if visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World is out of the question.

The candy corn ears are definitely going to make for the perfect accessory to wear to the Disney theme parks this fall. Starting Sept. 7 (and ending on Halloween), Disneyland will transform "into a frenzy of happy haunts," according to Disney Parks Blog, which means that all of the Halloween decorations will be up inside of the park. And in Florida, at Walt Disney World, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party starts on Aug. 17, with even the rides being decorated for Halloween. Even though Halloween seems so far away, the Disney parks have the right idea by celebrating early.

Let's be real, if these candy corn Halloween Minnie ears aren't getting people excited for Halloween, then I don't know what else will.