Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra's Living Situation Is Ever-Evolving On 'Teen Mom OG'

When you've been with your partner since middle school, it's completely normal for your relationship to evolve over time. No one knows this better than Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra, who recently experienced a hiccup in their 13-year romance (wild, right?) in Season 7 of Teen Mom OG. The two ultimately decided to take some space to help their relationship grow, and now some fans want to know if Catelynn and Tyler still live separately today.

Although some fans give Catelynn and Tyler flak for their ups and downs, it's not exactly fair considering the two have been at it since 2005. And in those 13 years, the pair placed a child for adoption, welcomed their daughter, Novalee, into the world, got married, suffered a miscarriage, and dealt with their mental health issues.

Oh, and did I mention Tyler supported his father and sister through their addiction issues? Like I said, these two have been through a lot together.

Most recently, the couple hit a serious snag in their marriage. Tyler told cameras that he wasn't focusing enough on himself and that Catelynn wasn't supporting him in the way he needed.

"I'm exhausted, emotionally," Tyler told his therapist, according to the Daily Mail.

To deal with Tyler's frustrations, the parents went on an in-patient couples retreat in Arizona.

“For God’s sakes, we were 16 when we gave away our own flesh and blood, and we made it through that sh—t,” Catelynn told Tyler about working on their issues, according to MTV. “I always said, if we can make it through that, we can make it through anything. Something like this shouldn’t break us.”

During the couples retreat, the couple decided to live separately for a month. Although Catelynn admitted feeling "triggered" by the idea at first, she ultimately realized it was best for her and Tyler's marriage.

Now that some time has passed since the relationship experiment, fans want to know whether the couple have made their separation permanent or are back living together. As it turns out, Tyler and Catelynn just moved into a new home together.

The home — that's shaped like an octagon — underwent years of renovations before it was ready for move-in. Tyler put a lot of work in the home, even going as far to design Novalee's bedroom.

"The first meal as a family in the new house was Thanksgiving dinner & that’s a memory that will always be cherished," Tyler captioned a shot of their gorgeous kitchen. "A lot of time (& slightly obsessive attention to detail) has gone into the restoration of this house & after tonight...it finally feels like a home & not just a house! #HappyThanksgiving."

I have to admit, I love those lights. Perhaps Tyler and Catelynn are angling for a new design show on HGTV? You never know what could happen.

Novalee is as equally as impressed with her parents' design skills. Want some proof? Look no further this adorable video of her freaking out over her new digs.

"Seriously...the best feeling as a father...is to watch pure joy light up on the face of his daughter! 😍," Tyler wrote on Instagram.

OMG, Novalee is *too* cute. I hope she never loses her sparkle and enthusiasm. That little girl is a total gem.

The timing for this move couldn't be be better, as Catelynn and Tyler are set to welcome their third child in March. It's nice to think about the couple making memories with their family in a new home. Fresh starts all around.

Congrats to Tyler and Catelynn for making their relationship work. It's admirable that the two are committed to keeping their partnership healthy, no matter what that might look like.

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