Rick Rowell/ABC

Corinne's Nanny Is A Bit Of A Mystery

The biggest takeaway from Corinne's intro reel on the Season 21 premiere of The Bachelor was the fact that she mentioned having a nanny named Raquel. This would probably be totally glossed over if she was a mom, but the kicker was that Corinne, at 24 years old, still relies on a nanny to help her get through the day, and it's a big part of her life that fans can't stop talking about. But does Corinne really have a nanny? The Bachelor contestant mentions the fact like every other 20-something has one too, but in reality, having an actual nanny as a grown adult who runs her family's multimillion-dollar business, just seems a bit unusual.

The image I find it hard to get out of my head is Raquel serving Corinne a bowl of cut up cucumbers as she works on the balcony of her Florida home. But if Corinne had announced that her nanny was actually her assistant, would anyone really be batting an eye? To give the Bachelor contestant the benefit of the doubt, let's assume for a minute that Raquel is simply the family's assistant, there to help with odds and ends as they run their business. If that's the case, it would totally make sense having her there to help.

It's entirely possible that Corinne referred to Raquel as her nanny to troll everyone and get the attention that she is now receiving for just that, when in reality "nanny" might just be a term of endearment for this women who has clearly been with Corinne's family for years and is very dear to them. Corinne might be 24 years old, but that means that just a few years ago, she was still technically a teenager, so giving her a break here for this one thing wouldn't be the worst thing. And, surprisingly, Nick actually seems to dig the whole nanny bit.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Live: Here for the Right Reasons special, Kimmel spoke to Nick about the premiere and some of the more notable moments. And, of course, the topic of Corinne's nanny came up. Nick revealed that during the season, the fact that Corinne has a nanny will be brought to him by some of the other women, but in the end, it didn't really phase him. "While I certainly appreciated the potential red flags as a grown woman having a nanny," he told Kimmel, "I also thought to myself, 'Huh. What are the benefits?' You know? 'If this works out, do I also get the nanny?'"

Corinne having a nanny could mean that she still has some growing up to do, but it could also mean that she's a busy businesswoman who needs some assistance. Either way, fans of The Bachelor have an entire season of frustration ahead to watch her press on the nerves of every single contestant in the Bachelor mansion.