Here's Why Kendall & Arie Probably Won't Work Out On 'The Bachelor'

Every season of The Bachelor gives us some unique contestants who are, more often than not, sent home very early on in their journey. For Kendall Long on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season, however, the taxidermy fan has lasted a lot longer than you might have expected considering she has yet to have a one-on-one date with Arie himself. But since she’s made it this far, you can't help asking, does Kendall end up with Arie on The Bachelor? Since the show finished filming before it even aired, Arie is likely happily engaged to the woman of his choosing at this very moment, but viewers still have a few weeks left to watch it all play out on TV and right now, Kendall is still in the thick of it. In fact, she’s about to introduce Arie to her entire family for hometown dates, so things just got real.

I honestly didn't expect Kendall to make it this far. And no, not because of her unique hobby of collecting taxidermied animals, but because it hasn't seemed like she had enough time with Arie to really build a foundation for a relationship. Then again, there’s so much that gets edited out of each episode, so you kind of have to trust that these connections are the real deal. While Arie has obviously kept Kendall around this long for a reason, I just don’t see the two of them lasting beyond the show.

To be fair, Kendall is a fun, unique, and all around kind-hearted contestant who seems almost too good of a human being to be on this show. Basically, I want her to be my new BFF. But as far as chemistry with Arie goes, I don't think they've shared as strong of a connection as some of the others. And if fans haven't been able to see it up to the hometown dates, then I don’t know how much is really there.

Of the remaining women, Kendall is a solid contender for final two on The Bachelor, but she seems like she got more out of the experience with the other women than Arie himself. When she cried saying goodbye to fellow contestant Jacqueline Trumbull on The Bachelor recently, it wasn’t just for show. The two seem to have grown legitimately close in real life and on a photo of the two of them on Instagram, Kendall wrote, "First time seeing falling snow! Cuddled up with my love."

To the same tune, Jacqueline also wrote on the caption on another picture of them on her own Instagram, "...On the other hand, some loves are meant to last forever." They’re pretty much best friend goals at this point, so it definitely seems like Kendall go more out of her newfound friendships than her possible relationship with Arie.

In a clip from Kendall’s hometown date on The Bachelor, she mentions how it’s hard to find someone who really gets her and how she hopes Arie can embrace her taxidermy interests, as it’s also a big part of who she is. And while Arie didn't exactly share her same level of enthusiasm for her stuffed, dead animals, he does tell the camera that despite not being into taxidermy, "I love spending time with Kendall. She’s quirky and funny. I’ve never dated anyone like her, she really keeps things interesting."

Judging by that alone, I can't help wondering if Kendall might actually be the one to break things off with Arie. She’s proven herself to be capable of speaking her mind when the situation calls for it and she seems to know what she wants in a partner. If bringing Arie home and introducing him to her whole life proves to fall a little flat, I can see her ending things herself.

Arie and Kendall might be the kind of couple who grows on each other out in the real world, but since things are far more sped up in the world of The Bachelor, I don’t see the two of them being endgame.

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