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Jack's Necklace Is Still Missing On 'This Is Us'

Before This Is Us ended the first half of its second season, there was plenty of heartbreak to go around with the adult Pearson kids, not the least of which involved Kevin's addiction issues and the loss of his father's necklace. Since there was no real resolution to the storyline, does Kevin ever find Jack’s necklace on This Is Us? The item itself is an important piece of family history and not just because it’s apparently the last tangible thing Kevin has to remind him of his dad.

When Jack passed the necklace down to Kevin in a flashback, he explained its importance, stating, "I was feeling very lost when I got that, but I put it on and moved forward." It’s unclear if Jack's brother Nicky — who served in Vietnam with him — actually gave Jack the necklace, but it’s very possible that Jack got the necklace around the time Nicky died, or was presumed dead. Though again, we have very limited details about this mysterious sibling, what happened to him, and how he connects to the Jack obtaining that necklace.

This leaves the door open to show some important Vietnam flashbacks to Jack’s own youth. And since it's almost guaranteed that losing his brother and receiving the necklace coincide with each other, its even more important for Kevin to find it.

Kevin lost the necklace in the Season 2 episode "Number One," during which he slept with a former classmate and skipped out on her afterward with a prescription slip stolen out of her desk drawer. But once he realized he was missing the necklace, he hurried back to the house. As Kevin broke down in her front yard, she claimed that the necklace was nowhere to be found in her home. But even though Kevin was sure that’s where it had to be, I wouldn't put it past the This Is Us writers to have it show up after the fact in an unexpcted place.

Since Kevin’s story didn't get as much of a resolution or ending, so to speak, as Kate’s and Randall’s both did, coming back from hiatus will very likely have a heavy focus on him and his addiction. I wouldn't be surprised if the necklace is found in his pocket or something later on. He was clearly not in a right state of mind after his one night stand, the necklace could also be mixed in with his luggage and won’t be found until he’s home sorting through it all.

But Kevin’s episode, and the end of Randall’s of the "Big Three" trilogy, was more about Kevin’s drug and alcohol problem, along with his avoidance of the past, finally catching up to him. "I wanted to make sure that we told a story that was honest and true, especially because this is something that people deal with a lot. It’s very dangerous. You can lose your wealth, you can lose your friends, you can lose your trust, you can lose your dignity, you can lose everything," Justin Hartley (Kevin) told Variety. "We didn’t want to just tell a drug story real quick and then just wrap it up in a bow."

While I think the necklace will definitely pop up again sooner rather than later, just getting that physical reminder of Jack back probably won’t help to heal Kevin until he faces the loss head on himself. "You start to see what [Kevin] was going through with his father when he died — and they weren’t in a good place," Hartley added. "He carries that around with him, and I think that necklace that he wore was the promise of a better day."

Getting the necklace back will probably help Kevin to move forward, but overall, he’s definitely going to have to face the event of Jack’s death before he can really start to heal.

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