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I Have To Say, Prince Louis Looks A Lot Like His Mama Kate Middleton As A Baby

The youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has just turned one and obviously we are all deeply excited about it. It seems like just yesterday Prince Louis was introduced into this world and we've been so bereft of photos of him it feels as though he could be so much younger than he is. But of course, as all children do, he is getting bigger and developing his own little look. And after spending more time than I should looking through his official birthday photos, I can't help wondering if Prince Louis looks like his mom Kate Middleton or his dad Prince William, or perhaps a bit of both? Royal fans certainly have some strong opinions.

As is tradition, Kensington Palace released official portraits in honor of the youngest Cambridge child taken by his mom, Kate Middleton. She has done the same for each of her two older children in the past, 5-year-old Prince George and 3-year-old Princess Charlotte, to celebrate their birthdays.

In these latest photos, Prince Louis is not just adorably dressed (those sweaters though), but also adorable animated. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that his mother is apparently the photographer and that the photos are taken at the family's country home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk, as Kensington Palace shared.

The first photo shared by Kensington Palace sees the young prince in navy pants and a burgundy sweater with actual grass and leaves stuck to it because he's a human child and not just royalty. It was so adorable that even his aunt and uncle, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, couldn't resist sharing a message of their own with the sweet baby boy. Which is really saying something considering they are days away from welcoming their own baby.

As excited as fans were to get a social media glimpse into the royal family dynamic, most people were scanning the photos of Prince Louis looking for family resemblance. And it looks as though loads of people have decided the little boy looks an awful lot like his mother.

Here is a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge before she was a duchess back in 1982 in Bradfield, Berkshire, as Country Living reported.

Many Instagram users agreed, commenting on the royal family fan page Middleton Maven as well as the Kensington Palace page. "Just like mum," one said.

"Yes he is exactly like his mother," another commented.

One more chimed in, "The cutest royal baby! He looks just like his beautiful mother, our cherished Duchess of Cambridge. The Cambridge children are by far the cutest Royal children ever!"

As much as some people thought Prince Louis was a dead ringer for his mother, not everyone was convinced. As Hello! Magazine reported, some royal fans saw a strong resemblance to his father, Prince William, as well as both of his older siblings and even his great uncle Prince Andrew by one royal watcher.

Whoever Prince Louis looks like, I can tell you this for sure: he looks like one happy baby boy. And at the end of the day, isn't that what's important?

(Also he looks like his mom goodbye.)