This Clue May Suggest Who Wins 'The Bachelorette'

by Chrissy Bobic

In the world of The Bachelorette, it’s never too early to start speculating on the final four and who gets to propose at the end of the season. So since he was a fast favorite for fans and Rachel herself, does Rachel end up with Bryan on The Bachelorette? They hit it off so well from the very beginning that she ended up giving him the first impression rose and he was the first contestant to actually kiss her. But that doesn’t necessarily mean true love. If you take Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor for example, when Rachel got the first impression rose, their connection obviously didn’t lead her to the very end and to a marriage proposal. Successful first impressions don't always equate to a life-long romance.

Typically each season, the contestants and the Bachelorette go by the rule of keeping the results of the show quiet until all of the episodes have actually aired on TV. But with social media, sometimes it’s hard to hide literally everything. And although this might just be wishful thinking because Bryan and Rachel are both adorable together, their Instagram accounts may have given away the biggest clue about the outcome of their relationship on The Bachelorette. They both already have dogs (which is a bonus since they could potentially merge their fur families) and at the beginning of June, they both posted photos with their respective pets.

In Rachel’s it looks like she’s in bed at first. But then, when you compare it to Bryan’s Instagram post where he’s sitting on his couch, it definitely looks like it could potentially be the same couch, just with a different filter. I know, this could be reaching, but when you have the contestants being quiet about the outcome of the season, you kind of have to take whatever minimal clues you can get.

Bryan would also be one of the most sensible choices for Rachel. Of course, there’s Dean, who seems to genuinely like her, and Peter, who definitely has a connection with her, but Bryan is a 37-year-old doctor who seems like he has his life together enough to really settle down. And in that respect, he and Rachel are totally at the same points in their lives. They also have great chemistry and very little drama, which are two things you really hope for on The Bachelorette.

No one is going to be spilling the beans about the finale and whoever Rachel is engaged to right now, but there is plenty of reason to suggest that Rachel ends up with Bryan on The Bachelorette this season. And I'm totally here for it.