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Does Rachel End Up With Peter On 'The Bachelorette'? They Had An Adorable First Date


It might be too soon to tell who ends up at the end of the season with that final rose, but after that first very successful one-on-one date, does Rachel end up with Peter on The Bachelorette? He did get the first one-on-one date of the season and although even Rachel saw that it's too soon to know for sure, they seemed totally into each other on a real level. The contestant's first solo date with Rachel, which was also the first one-on-one of the season period, was spent at BarkFest, a poolside festival for dogs, and chaperoned by her own dog, Copper, who trotted out of the car with a cast on his leg. But the date overall was totally adorable and seemed to be so successful. So it's totally reasonable to assume that Peter and Rachel might end up together after The Bachelorette.

Not only did their first official date go well, but Peter was also the first recipient of a rose at the first rose ceremony of the season. Even though he didn't get the actual first impression rose, Peter obviously has something that Rachel saw in him and liked from the start. Of course, that now has to last the duration of the season, but he's definitely off to a great start with her.

During Rachel and Peter's date on The Bachelorette, the would-be couple had an entire conversation about the gap they both share in their front teeth and how they have that in common. It could have been a nothing conversation for anyone else, but between the two of them, it was adorable and might go down as one of the first times they knew for sure that they'd be an eventual couple.

Not only that, but Peter seems kind of like Rachel was when she was a contestant on The Bachelor totally genuine and real and not there to put on airs to get anything except for love. And while Rachel didn't make to the final two last season on The Bachelor, she did become a fan favorite because of who she is. And Peter seems like a legitimate match for her.

Like literally every other Bachelorette contestant, Peter has been smart about his social media posts since filming began and then wrapped, but his most recent photo of him with his friends has a caption that might be a clue to some of us Bachelorette fans who are starting to heavily ship Peter and Rachel as a couple.

After thanking his friends for being there for him, Peter added in the caption, "Cheers to the amazing journey that lies ahead." Could this "journey" be the journey of love and marriage with our dear Rachel? Only time will tell this season on The Bachelorette, but after their successful one-on-one date, it looks like there's a chance that Rachel could end up with Peter in the end.