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Rebecca & Jack's Marriage May Be In Jeopardy

Lately there have been a lot of different marital themes running through This Is Us, including divorce and infidelity. And while so many viewers tend to think that Rebecca and Jack split up because he died, it could be something different altogether. For example, does Rebecca cheat on Jack on This Is Us? She definitely ends up with Miguel, but how that happens still remains to be seen.

The last time viewers saw Jack and Rebecca, they were arguing about her five-state tour with her band, which includes an ex-boyfriend (a fact she conveniently forgot to mention). Jack was understandably upset about her lie by omission and Rebecca was understandably upset about potentially being deprived of something for herself. As a mom, I totally get this. Dads are great and even if you're married to one who is of Jack Pearson proportions, there are a lot of things that you find yourself doing as a mom that no one else will pick up the slack for if you don't.

So naturally, Rebecca felt this one thing for herself slipping through her fingers while Jack was trying hard to trust her right after a big lie cut through their marriage. But for all of the amazing moments they have together, it's hard to believe that Rebecca would cheat on Jack on This Is Us, even if she leaves for the tour on bad terms with him.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Mandy Moore talked about her This Is Us character and the faith she has in Jack and Rebecca, even if they're going through something pretty serious right now. "I think people have to have faith in Jack and Rebecca, and realize that there's nothing untoward that happened," Moore stated. "In my mind, I've always sort of [assumed] that there's no overlap [between Jack and Miguel]. Hundred percent." But it's still an idea that's hard to ignore with all of the possible little clues they've been dropping recently.

Kevin reunited with his ex-wife Sophie who, as we found out, left him years ago after he cheated on her. Then, Kate seemed to wrestle with the idea of cheating on Toby with Duke at the fitness camp. Could these storylines have been a hint about what happened between their parents?

The This Is Us couple has given pretty much everyone relationship and parenting goals since the series premiere, but it's a show that loves to shock and surprise you. While Moore is sure that Rebecca wouldn't cheat on Jack with Miguel, that doesn't tell us what happens when she goes on tour with her band. I mean, we all know what happened with Haley and Nathan on One Tree Hill, right? She went on tour with a cute guy and ended up kissing him. Translate that to a much more grown up show like This Is Us and anything could happen while on the road.

Executive producer Ken Olin spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Ben, Rebecca's ex, and the fact that it could very well be him who drives a bigger wedge between Rebecca and Jack rather than Miguel.

We’re going to find out a little more about the way Ben operates in the last three episodes of the season. I don’t think he’s a bad guy at all, but I don’t know that he’s a particularly good guy or a responsible guy. He’s a very interesting character because at the end of the season people are going to have to draw their own conclusions about what motivates him, and what motivates him in terms of his relationship with Rebecca.

It's nothing short of totally crazy to think that Rebecca and Jack's marriage would fail because of infidelity, but the themes of such are hard to ignore right now. I can only hope that won't turn out to be the case.