So Here's How The Super Blue Blood Moon Could Potentially Impact Your Relationship

I’ve worked in customer service for several years, and when there’s a full moon, customers start acting like a bunch of nuts — at least it seems like it. We would always have the strangest and most random people come in, and it would be beyond the norm of regular needy customers. Plus, my mom’s been a flight attendant for 43 years, and she has stories to tell about passengers on a full moon flight, including a real Hannibal Lecter. But what does the blue moon coming up mean for your own relationship? Does the blue moon affect your relationship? Hopefully it impacts you in ways that don't involve wanting to eat your partner's face off.

On Jan. 31, we will be experiencing not the first, but the second super moon this month, which has been dubbed a “blue moon,” since having two full moons happens once every two years and it’s rare. Ever heard the saying, “Once in a blue moon”? I thought so. Ironically enough, however, this “blue moon,” will actually be red, not blue — this special blue moon will feature a total lunar eclipse, according to NASA. “The moon will lose its brightness and take on an eerie, fainter-than-normal glow from the scant sunlight that makes its way through Earth’s atmosphere. Often cast in a reddish hue because of the way the atmosphere bends the light, totally eclipsed moons are sometimes called ‘blood moons,’” the NASA website noted.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Though really cool and something worth seeing, there is no scientific evidence that actually supports my theory of a full/blue moon or lunar eclipse making folks act weirder than normal, and that includes your relationship with your partner. But if you believe in zodiac signs and things of that nature, depending on your sign and your partner’s sign, things could be a bit different for the two of you during this moon cycle, and it will affect each zodiac sign differently, depending on “which house” of your chart it falls in. “For example, if you're a Gemini, it'll be in your third house (which represents communication), whereas if you're a Taurus, your fourth house (domestic life) will be most affected,” a recent Romper article about the super blue moon reported.

In that same Romper article interviewing astrologer Sonia Ana Ortiz, Ortiz says it could be a pretty extreme experience. She says if you’re an Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus, that you’ll face some facts that you’ve been avoiding and realize you need to make some changes. And there will be a “mini-meltdown” and then a “major breakthrough.” The article also interviewed astrologer Maressa Brown, who agrees that tense times are ahead because it’s a big deal that there’s a total lunar eclipse in Leo. This is because “Leo energy” is going to be amplified, and emotions will be super intense all week. Leo “energy” encourages every sign to embrace playfulness, self-love, romance, fiery energy and confidence, Brown says in the article.

However, according to Obliquity, other than changing breeding patterns of certain animals — like sea turtles — “So far, nobody has demonstrated a convincing link between the Moon and any of these indicators of human activity.”

Maybe just because science hasn’t proven anything yet, there is a chance that the tides from the moon affects people’s behavior. Tell my mom that it doesn’t when she was prying a passenger off of another flight attendant when he was trying to “eat her face.” True story, I swear. Coincidence? Maybe. In Hannibal Lecter’s case, I hope so. But either way, enjoy this beautiful rare sight with your partner. It doesn’t happen often, and if it did affect your relationship, hopefully you’ll have hit your “major breakthrough” and be happy, calm, and in love again enough to take a gaze outside.

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