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The Season 8 'Game Of Thrones' Spotify Playlist Could Hint At Jon's Death

In the months leading up to past Game of Thrones seasons, the days were dark and full of spoilers. This time, the cast and crew have remained at tight-lipped as possible and there have been no episode, photo, or even plot leaks. Season 8 is a mystery and all fans know is that it will mark the end of the series. Now, a hidden message in the Season 8 Spotify playlist could prove that Jon dies in Game of Thrones. Show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss revealed to Spotify’s blog, For the Record, that the playlist they helped create in honor of the final season, aptly titled "Game of Thrones: The End is Coming," has some clues about how the show ends.

"The answer to the ending is one hundred percent hidden in the playlist choices," the pair told For the Record in an email. "No one will believe us, but it’s true."

Instead of including the classic instrumentals that Game of Thrones is known for, like The Rains of Castamere or Daenerys’ dragon theme, the list includes 50 songs ranging from Kanye West’s "Power" to Cage the Elephant’s "Cold Cold Cold." Despite the claim that there is a hidden message within the playlist, the creators also said that they made it with the intent of putting together a collection of songs that made them feel the same way Game of Thrones makes them feel. One song on the list however, "Flugufrelsarinn" by Sigur Rós, might give a big clue about Jon’s fate in the great war to come.

The Sigur Rós song could be the clue that Benioff and Weiss hinted at. The song was recorded in German, but when translated, the final lines of the song possibly allude to Jon making a sacrifice for the greater good. Technically, anyone could be the person to make a sacrifice at this point since they all have something to lose by the Night King taking over Westeros, but Jon was raised by noble Ned and he has proven that he is willing to fight armies both living and dead in order to save innocent lives.

The final lines of the song, when translated, are:

"He is both on Sea and land, saving flies that die here. Though especially himself, eternal war and peace nowhere. But it will not know a good sacrifice. The days are long."

The line about the sea and land makes me think of Theon, to be honest, but there’s no way he will give his life to save the rest of the country. Although he means well, he’s proven himself to be a coward more often than not. Jaime is also a possible character who could sacrifice himself, but I don't see him getting the hero’s sendoff.

The song could have been chosen, however, because Jon has fought on both sea and land against the Night King and through this big war on the horizon, he will sacrifice himself to break the long night ahead. It has been said time and again that the long night is coming and if this is it, then the line in the song that says “the days are long” could allude to Jon sacrificing himself to end the long night and give way to a new dawn.

Obviously the song wasn’t written for the show or with any character in mind, but the Game of Thrones creators might have picked this particular track because the translated lyrics so closely mirror what happens to Jon in the Game of Thrones finale. I would love for Jon to survive all of the Season 8 battles and either sit on the iron throne with Daenerys or remain the King of the North. But I don't see Jon getting a happy ending when there are white walkers to kill and Cersei has a fleet of Golden Company soldiers on the way to present a new problem for Northerners.

Because the lyrics also say that the sacrifice made is not a good one, that also alludes to Jon being the one to sacrifice himself. No one wants to see him die (again) and it would be a heartbreaking end to his Game of Thrones arc. But this is a show where the heroes don't always survive and if this is the clue we are supposed to be looking for in the playlist, it means Jon won't make it out of Season 8 alive.