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Eden Sassoon's Instagram Proves She's A Great Mom

It’s one thing to dress your kids in adorable outfits and take them out for all to see, but it’s a whole other thing to actually be on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and at the same time, be a legit parent. That’s why Eden Sassoon’s Instagram proves how great of a mom she is long after the cameras have stopped rolling. Don’t misunderstand me - she’s definitely a hands on type of mom at all times, but when you look at her Instagram, you see a mom who is joking around with her kids, praising them in amazing captions, and holding onto a healthy relationship with her husband in order to co-parent properly.

As one of the heirs to Vidal Sassoon’s fortune and a salon and Pilates studio owner herself, Eden isn’t exactly slumming it, but she’s also not about that multiple nanny life. Now, there’s nothing wrong with employing a nanny or two when you’ve got a full workload and you’d rather be a working mom, but Eden seems to be able to go above and beyond when it comes to spending some real quality time with her two kids, Olivia, who’s 11 years old, and Tyler, who’s 10 years old. And Eden’s Instagram does well in showing that side of the single mom and help to prove what an amazing parent she is. For example, there's....

The Meaningful Caption Below This Photo Of Eden & Her Daughter

Years ago, Eden made the decision to get sober and remain that way and as of right now, she is still alcohol-free. On the caption for this photo of Eden with her daughter, she wrote, “Addiction is hereditary & I pray it skips a few generations.. I am responsible to share my experience with my kids & let them know the absolute #Truth ... #soberlife is living & guess what I won't ignore it... I'll yell from every mountain top to help the ones who #suffer.” That’s pretty real.

This Random Video With Her Son

Eden proves that just because your kids are out of diapers, that doesn’t mean they don’t still make the perfect Instagram video and photo companions.

She Participates In Races With Her Daughter

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

A few weeks ago, Eden and her daughter competed together in a Spartan Race, which is basically a more high-intensity version of your average run of the mill 5K. Being active to set an example is something Eden is already more than down with, being the owner of two Pilates studios and all, but getting into fitness with your kid is where it’s at. It also means you get to collapse together at the end.

She Gets Introspective About Her Son

On the caption for this photo of Eden’s son, she wrote, “Last night I saw my son @devitoty18 from a fresh perspective. I saw Tyler as the courageous, smart, kind, child that GOD used me to raise along side his dad & stepmom. As I had this pure moment I IMMEDIATELY BURST OUT CRYING…” And all at once, Eden became all of us as moms, because what mom hasn't had a similar moment of clarity and pride about their own kid? Kind of amazing.

She Goes To Her Son’s Football Games

Watching a peewee football game, out in the California heat all day long, can’t be fun for anyone or their complexions. But Eden is there at the sidelines like any other figurative soccer mom, phone in hand to take photos and videos to no end.

They Go On Amazing Trips

Eden took her kids, ex-husband, and his current wife and other child with her on a trip to Capri. Part of it was to release her father’s ashes, but it also served as a family vacation. And the fact that they were able to be there together says a lot about Eden as a mom, but also as a person too.

She Knows How To Be A Strong Single Mother

If it takes a village to raise a child, then Eden seems all for embracing that idea, because she gives plenty of shoutouts to her ex-husband Tomer Devito’s current wife and embraces her (literally) as a member of her own family. So often, kids who come from divorce have to deal with parents who hate each other or bad mouth each other to them, making every interaction feel like a nightmare. But with Eden, it seems like they really are a healthy blended family.

Obviously to be one of the friends on RHOBH, you have to bring some kind of drama to the table and while Season 7 will likely see Eden get into it with someone about something, she is easily one of the most zen players on the show. And the same attitude translates to Eden as a mom.