Sonja Flemming/CBS

This 'Big Brother 19' Houseguest Isn't Afraid To Be Herself

by Chrissy Bobic

This season of Big Brother might be starting off as the summer of the showmances, but Elena’s Instagram before Big Brother 19 proves there’s so much more to the houseguest and that she’s not afraid to be herself. That’s really no surprise, but since it’s still pretty early in the game to gauge everyone’s actual motives and strategies, it’s hard to judge hers just yet either.

And so far, she’s been pretty clear about who she is and what she’s after (she definitely seems to be into both Mark and Matt, according to the Big Brother live feeds). Elena’s Instagram shows a similar kind of personality in the BB19 houseguest so she’s definitely not putting on airs. Obviously one of the first things you see when you look at Elena are her pouty lips. On Instagram and Big Brother alike she’s been pretty upfront about getting plastic surgery.

On the live feeds, she recently frowned into a mirror, muttering, "Need more Botox," followed by a squeal. And you kind of have to love her for just being herself in that way. Her Instagram is no different, where she already has 31,000 followers.

The Texas radio personality obviously knows how to work a room, or work people for that matter, so there's no question that if she can last a little longer, her social game might come out more. But being on the radio for a living also means that you have to have a certain level of confidence and Elena’s Instagram definitely points to her confidence.

It’s also hard to ignore that while she’s writing captions about falling asleep in her makeup after eating ice cream on the couch all evening, she can also post videos of herself falling down. It really makes you want her to up her game on BB19. She's clearly a lot of fun and I'd love to see more of that.

Since Elena is already a radio co-host with a decent amount of fans for support, she probably has no problem putting herself out there on Big Brother and judging by her Instagram, she’s been doing it for a while anyway.

The houseguests have been in the Big Brother house for a little more than one week now, and while some of their true colors are starting to show, there’s still so much time left for claws to come out and alliances to shift. There’s no doubt that Elena will continue to do her thing, and a lot of fans are going to love her for it.