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Fun Fact: Elizabeth Warren Has An Adorable Dog Named Bailey & He's A Very Good Boy

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Elizabeth Warren has really taken summer 2019 by storm. The Massachusetts senator is one of many Democratic presidential candidates hoping to run against President Donald Trump in this upcoming election. And she's been really owning it. Always full of energy and passion and focused on the task at hand. You know, all the hallmarks of a dog person. While I might not base all of my voting decisions on canine love, Elizabeth Warren's dog Bailey should definitely be the official First Dog in the White House. I mean, he already has a pretty solid following on social media and is perhaps the most charming element of Warren's private life in my opinion.

Warren and her husband, university professor Bruce Mann, are dog parents to 16-month-old golden retriever Bailey, according to Business Insider. The couple have been spending a lot of time apart recently, with Warren out on the campaign trail in hopes of becoming the first female President of the United States. Mann, who Warren has been married to for nearly 40 years, has largely kept out of the spotlight so far, although it's doubtful that situation will continue if Warren becomes the Democratic presidential nominee, of course. For now, it seems that Mann has been happy to let another family member step in as Warren's beloved surrogate: their dog Bailey. And I have to tell you, this pup is killing it.

The George Bailey Connection

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If you've ever wondered why Warren's dog, who was a gift from Mann last July, is named Bailey, please know they chose this name based on George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life, according to Politico. When you consider the fact that Warren has made financial equality one of her top campaign priorities, this makes the George Bailey connection even more prescient. And if you don't know why, please go watch the movie again — you'll thank me later.

Social Justice Warrior

While some dogs might only be concerned with their treats and chasing squirrels and such, Bailey has something of a higher standard. According to his Twitter account — yes, Bailey has his own social media accounts, and his Twitter has more than 22,000 followers — he is advocating for racial justice and climate change.

Keeping Jealousy In Check

It can't be easy for Bailey when his mom is out on the campaign trail petting other dogs. But he somehow manages to hold it together, thanks in no small part to his presumed desire to be First Dog in the White House.

Holding Out For A Hero

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During a recent interview with CNN, Mann was sporting a cast on his left hand due to an injury he sustained after he reportedly broke up a fight between Bailey and another dog. Warren explained that the other dog started it (of course) and Mann jumped in to rescue his beloved pet. Because he's clearly the everyday hero Bailey deserves.

The Bailey Cam

Warren's fans and supporters love Bailey so much that he apparently has his own line for selfies at her events, which could be why they created the Bailey cam for Warren's Instagram feed. Who doesn't want to see the world through the eyes of Bailey Warren?

Updates From The Trail

Unfortunately, Bailey can't always join Warren on the campaign trail. When he and Mann are back at their Cambridge, Massachusetts, home, Warren's husband sends her updates on their precious pet that he calls "Your morning Bailey." This brings me so much joy I can barely stand it.

A Very Good Boy

I think we need to all take a moment to simply acknowledge that Bailey is a very good boy, especially on the campaign trail. It's not like dogs are politicians who benefit from all the publicity. Although he does get a lot of love and pets from people, so that's something.

Keeping Things Grounded

At the end of the day, Bailey has one pretty important role to fill in Elizabeth Warren's life. He is there to remind her that, when all the calls are finished up for the day and she is probably pretty exhausted, he still needs her. Still loves her.

And this is why you should always vote for a dog person, there I said it.

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