Etsy Is Honoring "Fearless Women" Like You With The Coolest Collection Ever

If buying from small, women-owned businesses and supporting female entrepreneurs is important to you, then Etsy is probably already one of your favorite places to shop. Now, in honor of International Women's Day, Etsy is launching the Fearless Women Capsule Collection: a "curated collection of items that celebrate popular female heroes" such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Malala Yousafzai, and many others... so maybe just sign your paycheck over to Etsy this month, because you're going to want it all.

Recent search and purchase trends on Etsy are proof that these feminist icons are becoming increasingly important to shoppers, according to a press release. Searches on Etsy for “RBG” have increased over 350 percent in the last 12 months (when compared to the same time period the year before), while searches on Etsy for "suffragette" have gone up over 27 percent in the same time span. Amelia Earhart is especially popular these days: There have been over 15,000 searches on Etsy for Amelia Earhart in the past year alone!

"Etsy is — and has always been — an incubator for female entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses," Etsy’s Senior VP of People, Strategy & Services, Raina Moskowitz, wrote in a blog post, noting that 87 percent of sellers on Etsy identify as women. And that's not all: As of December 31, 2018, women comprised 56 percent of Etsy's overall employee base, 50 percent of Etsy's Board of Directors and the majority of the executive team, 52 percent of all leaders (director level and above), and 33 percent of engineers.

So when you shop the Fearless Women collection on Etsy, you're not only supporting the women who created your purchase, you're supporting the many, many women making things happen behind the scenes. And you're getting amazing, pro-feminism wares like these!