More Famous People Reading Children's Books For "Operation Storytime"

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The blessings continue, as authors and other VIPs bring library time to the kids with delightful readings of children's books, Q&As, virtual "author visits," and more. Three months into confinement, #OperationStorytime is showing no signs of stopping.

Now's the time for new picture books for the littler ones, new chapters of longer books for the bigger ones, and new memories to be made reading together as a family.

Let some of the guilt and stress go. Pour yourself a well-earned coffee or other adult beverage. Log onto the internet and let some of the world's heroes read to your kid. We've got this!

Illustrator Sophie Blackall Talking Old Books As Old Friends

Beyond discovering new books, Sophie Blackall encourages #operationstorytime-ers to snuggle up close to favorite books. Reading an old favorite can be a reassuring and cozy experience. Give it a shot, and share your favorite reads!

Find Sophie Blackall on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Digital Content Creator Tina Meeks Reading Got Milk?’s Elena The Slurping Monkey

To help her kids wind down, Meeks cozies up with a glass of milk and a Got Milk? bedtime story about a silly monkey who can’t drink milk without making slurping noises. Her little ones even help her out with some very impressive sound effects of their own. Can you say cuteness overload?

Explore Got Milk?’s library of downloadable bedtime stories here, and follow Tina Meeks on her blog, Her Life Sparkles.

Sponsored by got milk.

Author Christine Platt Reading Ana And Andrew: Summer In Savannah

Platt read the first Ana and Andrew book last week during Operation Storytime. This time, the siblings are spending the summer in Savannah and learning about pirates!

Find Christine Platt on Instagram.

Deb Abela Reading From The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee

If you've ever thought about coaching your child to compete in spelling bees, this might be your big moment! But even if you'd just like your child to love words, this exciting book is a good start.

Kelly Polark Reading Words On Birds

Why not get into bird-watching out your window? Nonfiction readers and budding ornithologists will enjoy this book that features photographs of the birds in the wild. Polark is a kindergarten teacher, so she helpfully provides some activities you can do with your little birder.

Brandon Reese Reading Oothar The Blue

Can anyone relate to feeling like a sad Barbarian? Oothar's got you. The author Brandon Reese reads this highly relevant picture book. It's also got a pretty great map at the beginning of the book. You could spin this into a cartography lesson!

Find Brandon Reese on Twitter.

Author Dylan Glynn Reading Rain Boy

No one really likes Rain Boy because he brings rain everywhere. This is a lovely quiet book about celebrating individuality and seeing the beauty that's all around us. (Yes! It's still there!)

Marcie Colleen's Super Happy Book Club Continues

If you missed author Marcie Colleen's first installment, you'll want to check that out first. The author is back with a second chapter, and we hope we get even more in the future (sounds like we will!). Visit her website for a downloadable activity guide! If you participate, tag any posts on #superhappypartybears.

Find Marcie Colleen on Twitter.

Mike Wu Reading Ellie Makes A Friend

Mike Wu is joined by his daughter Penelope in an adorable and enthusiastic read-aloud. Wu is a Pixar animator and Ellie is a suitably animated protagonist.

Find Mike Wu on Instagram and Twitter.

Kids Penelope and Josh Reading Their Own Work

How great is this? Some young readers wanted in on the #operationstorytime fun read their own books (which they self-published, how cool is that?)! This could be the jumping off point for a really cool trend! Find their books at e-book retailers. They even have fun activities related to their book!

Author And Illustrator Elisha Cooper Painting Animals

Elisha Cooper (author and illustrator of River, among others!) has started making the most soothing of illustration tutorials. It's all white paper and smooth black lines. In the above video, he admits to having trouble drawing certain animals and he gently suggests young artists just play!

Find Elisha Cooper on Instagram.

ICYMI Author Karen Romano Young Continues Reading From A Girl, A Raccoon, And The Midnight Moon

For readers who don't just want a single chapter of a novel, author Karen Romano Young is still going strong with the 12th chapter of her book A Girl, A Raccoon, and the Midnight Moon. Thank you, Karen!

You can find Karen Romano Young on Twitter.

Ame Dyckman Reading That's Life!

Ame Dyckman is back with her book that's out this week! And, gosh, this one is timely, tackling all the things life can throw at you. In this case, life is a furry little whirlwind character you can't predict.

Find Ame Dyckman on Twitter.

Todd Parr Reading It's Okay To Make Mistakes

Todd Parr is pretty iconic, and he's joining Operation Storytime with a reading of It's Okay To Make Mistakes. His pups are there. He also shares a vital piece of advice: "It's good to have snacks when you read."

Find Todd Parr on Instagram and Twitter.

Artist Brady Smith Drawing Random Acts Of Drawfulness

Every day of quarantine, artist and author/illustrator of the book You're Missing It! (co-authored by his wife, Tiffani Thiessen — you might have heard of her), is drawing absurd doodles suggested by young viewers. Thirty seconds, a blank page, and a marker. It's magical.

Find Brady Smith on Instagram and Twitter.

Brian Floca Reading Lightship

Complete with sound effects, this reading is like a little vacation. Outside of the ship feels wide open, but once you're inside, you can see the sailors working in tiny spaces. No idea what that's like. ;)

Find Brian Floca on Twitter and Instagram.

Scott Magoon Continues Drawing And Reading With Hugo & Miles: I've Painted Everything

A character has painted everything they've seen from within their house. So they go on a trip to see new things. This hits pretty hard right now. But maybe there's a way to have a new vantage point. Maybe even from home.

Find Scott Magoon on Instagram.

Sarah Lynne Reul Reading Allie All Along

Themes of big feelings and loving siblings are so important right now. Another affirming and reassuring book for tough times.

Fine Sarah Lynne Reul on Instagram and Twitter.

Larissa Theule Reading A Way With Wild Things

A lovely, quiet book about a lovely, quiet girl is perfect for slowing down and paying attention to the little things. And there is an activity booklet.

Find Larissa Theule on Instagram.

Author/Artist Bill Wurtzel Building A Funny Face From Food

Artist and co-author Bill Wurtzel is making food that looks back at you. His picture book Foodie Faces is launching in June. The book talks about emotions and healthy eating in a super fun way. He's doing a new food face every day over on his YouTube channel!

You can find Bill Wurtzel on Instagram.

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