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Link & Amelia On 'Grey's Anatomy' Have A Lot Of Fan Support

Amelia has had her ups and downs on Grey’s Anatomy Season 15. She continued to struggle with her sobriety while caring for a teen runaway who happened to be an addict herself and she got back together with Owen at least twice before finally breaking it off for good. It has been a lot, but then she finally got something good going for her in "ortho god" Link. And the fan reactions to Link and Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy prove they could be endgame. Or, at the very least, that they have the potential to be something big instead of just friends with benefits.

To be fair, there are still some stragglers who don't see what all of the fuss is with Amelia and Link, and that’s totally fine. Not all Grey’s Anatomy couples will hit it out of the park for all fans. But most fans seem to be in agreement that something good in Amelia’s personal life has been a long time coming. And although Link might have seemed like the typical cocky surgeon at the start of the season, he has turned into one of the more well-rounded and decent guys to come through the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doors. He’s like a younger version of Mark Sloan. Show me someone who didn't love Mark Sloan and I will give you my next born child.

Some fans who might not have supported Link and Amelia at first have gotten onboard. Maybe those fans realized that this romance isn't stopping anytime soon, or they really have started to love what Amelia and Link bring out in each other. They have this adorable banter on top of some pretty heated chemistry. Put that together and it’s a match made in primetime drama heaven.

In a sneak peak from tonight’s Amelia-centric episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Link accompanies Amelia to a family dinner where he poses as her husband. But the fact that Amelia’s standalone episode also features her current love interest could mean big things ahead for them. Not necessarily wedding bells, because I think Grey’s Anatomy has had enough weddings over the past few seasons, but it could mean that the writers are showing fans that Amelia and Link have more going for them than their physical connection.

Some fans have pointed out that Link seems like a genuinely good guy. After Amelia dealt with the extreme highs and lows of her relationship with Owen, someone like Link could be exactly what she needs. I don't think that all of this attention and work would be going into their potential relationship if it’s not meant to be endgame for these two. I actually refuse to believe otherwise, so there’s that.

Maybe part of the love for Link and Amelia stems from some fans’ distaste for Owen and Amelia, or "Omelia," which is fair. They were never really on the same page or as strong as they could have been as a couple, especially with the tumor and then Teddy in the picture on and off. If Link is the answer fans have been waiting for to keep Owen and Amelia apart for good, then some of them welcome Link with open arms.

There might be a few bumps in the road ahead for Link and Amelia before they are at a perfect place to be Grey’s Anatomy official, but they have already had some deep discussions and connected over important things that didn't involve taking their clothes off. I feel like the groundwork is being laid for Amelia and Link to be together long-term and a lot of Grey’s Anatomy fans are here for it.