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Owen's Behavior On 'Grey's Anatomy' Lately Has Got To Go

by Chrissy Bobic

Owen has always been a character that Grey’s Anatomy fans either loved or hated. He came in hot as the trauma surgeon and he has always been a lot to handle. I mean, there’s a reason why none of his relationships have worked out over the seasons. Now, he’s about to sabotage his relationship with Amelia (again) and fans are getting annoyed with Owen on Grey’s Anatomy. Mostly because at this point, Amelia deserves better than dealing with the emotional ups and downs of her relationship with him and also because it’s getting to be a little exhausting.

Last week, Owen and Amelia said goodbye to Leo and Betty, which put them both in foul moods. That’s understandable, but anytime Owen gets upset about one thing, he turns into the worst boyfriend possible and nitpicks everything else. So it was only natural for him to start getting upset about Teddy and Koracick’s relationship even though he and Amelia are supposed to be working on theirs. Need I remind you that they already broke up once this season?

When Amelia pointed out to Owen that they had not talked about things in weeks, she brought up the fact that he had been insensitive about addiction and about her relationship with Betty. As per usual, Owen pointed out his own pain, which only exacerbated the argument and made things worse. As the evening went on, he got increasingly annoyed with Teddy and Koracick’s relationship as a result of his issues with Amelia. And at this point, Grey’s fans are over Owen.

Literally everything that Amelia and Owen had been bottling up inside of them finally came rushing to the surface and it was messy. I might just be bias because I am pro-Amelia in everything, but she had some good points about Owen knocking up his BFF who he previously professed his love for, only to come home and try to be with Amelia. And a lot of fans are starting to get annoyed with his whole "poor Owen" spiel.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with Owen and Teddy having a platonic friendship and a baby together. But as literally everyone can see, it goes deeper than that for them. The thing is, Owen and Teddy seem to take turns ignoring that. Throw in Owen’s pain at losing Leo and the confusion about his relationship with Amelia and you have Sad Owen, who can only see his own problems right in front of him.

As much as I want a happy ending for Amelia after everything she has been through, it might be best if they ended things (again) for good. Amelia and Owen have had problems with their relationship since before their wedding and honestly, they probably should have never gotten married in the first place. Now, the best thing for everyone would be for them to cut ties because I don't know how anyone could deal with Owen this long without losing their mind.

When Amelia told Own that she was out and that this is "an impossible situation," you had to give her credit. She took it upon herself to try and get herself out of a situation that has been nothing but tricky the entire time. Owen acted surprised that she would step out of their kind of/sort of love triangle, but it may have been the best case scenario.

Whether you love Owen or you’re fed up with him at this point, Grey’s fans are kind of done with his attitude right now. Literally everyone on the show has gone through something terrible, but he’s one of the characters who manages to make everything about his pain more than seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. I can't really fault anyone for wanting to fast forward their DVR through Owen-centric scenes at this point.

Hopefully now that Amelia has said what is on her mind, Owen can gain some clarity and calm down. These highs and lows are not a cute look and viewers are getting fed up with it.