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Fans Are *Feeling* Sandra Oh & Andy Samberg's Cute & Positive Globes Monologue

The 2019 Golden Globes were in full swing: Hollywood's biggest stars had put on their designer couture, strutted down the red carpet, and poured the first of many alcoholic beverages they'd enjoy throughout the night. Meanwhile, viewers at home had taken to Twitter to keep the people of the world wide web up to date on their feelings about the best and worst looks of the night and strange answers to interview questions. The Golden Globes Twitter game was strong this year, as can be seen by fan reactions to Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg's opening monologue.

The internet was abuzz about Samberg and Oh's appointment as hosts of the 2019 Golden Globes since The Hollywood Reporter announced the news in December. The pair seemed like a bit of an unorthodox choice to some, especially compared to the other famous Golden Globe hosting duo, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who had long been a comedy team before they took on the awards ceremony together. Oh and Samberg may not have the same history together that Fey and Poehler do, but they did present the award for Outstanding Director In A Comedy Series as a pair at the 2018 Emmy's, where they recreated the 2017 Oscar's La La Land scandal and had the entire audience in stitches.

Plus, the reputations of each actor made them natural choices for hosts of the most fun awards show in Hollywood. Oh was fresh off the success of the Hulu drama Killing Eve (for which she's nominated for Best Actress in a Drama TV Series, by the way), and she's long been a favorite of Grey's Anatomy lovers for her role as Dr. Christina Yang. Likewise, Samberg has branched out since his SNL days to become the beloved Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and even has hosting experience from the 2015 Emmy Awards.

The powerhouse pair garnered excitement from fans online before the Globes even started, and the hype about the duo as hosts only increased as the night got closer.

Same, Gabi. The opening monologue is always one of the most anticipated parts of any awards ceremony, because the speech tends to set the tone for the entire evening, and fans pounced on their keyboards as soon as Samberg and Oh took the stage.

Posts praising the hosts flooded the platform within moments, as tweeters dissected every second of the 12 minute monologue. The overall reaction was positive, with fans celebrating the kind attitude the hosts took to their monologue rather than the roast-fest it usually becomes. They made jokes that drew attention to Time's Up and diversity issues in Hollywood, but the tone was lighter than audiences have become accustomed to of awards shows in years past, and viewers were here for it.

Mood for sure.

It's honestly so refreshing!! The duo didn't shy away from political commentary either, and fans loved their cheeky approach.

There were some viewers who weren't as crazy about the monologue, though. Some thought Samberg and Oh's choice to "play nice" made the show too boring, as the roasting of the industry is usually part of the fun of the night.

Others pointed to the teleprompter as an impediment for the timing of the jokes, preferring singular hosts who memorize the opener rather than read it.

I hear you Adam, but they literally used the teleprompter to make a joke about Samberg stealing Oh's lines that was hilarious, so I think we can give them a pass.

The joke also led to an extremely poignant comment from Oh about the historic nature of an Asian-American woman hosting the Golden Globes, during which she got choked up when speaking about the importance of seeing and creating change in Hollywood, and she got fans emotional too.

I think the reactions to Oh's comments outweigh any teleprompter timing. The enthusiasm Samberg and Oh had for Hollywood and the work they do, that coexists with a willingness to point out the uglier parts of their industry, made fans excited for the rest of the night, and it was the perfect way to get things started. This tweet summed it up better than I ever could:

And if anyone had a problem with the Oh and Samberg fans, there's someone ready to defend them.

Thanks for making awards shows fun again, you two.