This Clue Is Making Fans Think Joy-Anna Duggar Is Expecting Baby Number 2

At the moment, Jessa Duggar is the only Duggar sibling to announce a pregnancy in 2019. Although there doesn't appear to be any other big news on the horizon, some fans think Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with baby number two. As for why Counting On viewers are suspicious? It has to do with a certain dress she modeled recently.

Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, just celebrated baby Gideon's first birthday on Feb. 23. "Happy 1st Birthday, Gideon Martyn!! We are so thankful for you and your bright smile that is contagious!!!" the couple wrote in an Instagram post. "Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!"

Considering Gideon is now 1, some fans want to know if Joy-Anna will have more kids sooner than later. Although the reality star isn't on any type of timeline, the Duggar siblings tend to have their kids right after the other, which probably explains why viewers are especially curious about Joy-Anna's reproductive plans these days.

Joy-Anna hasn't outright discussed baby number two yet, but some people think she hinted at another pregnancy in a Saturday Instagram post. The snap shows the Arkansas native standing barefoot in a floral dress, while she pets a horse.

"Spring is just around the corner... Annnddd I can’t wait!!!" she captioned the shot. "Love this spring dress from my friend at @mountainaireboutique. If your looking for modest, cute, & affordable clothes, go check it out!!"

At first glance, this post seems pretty standard for the Duggars — it's not uncommon for the sisters to model clothes for various companies. There's no shame in a side hustle, right? But some fans argue that Joy-Anna's dress is a sure fire sign that she's pregnant because it's supposedly from a maternity line.

"Are u pregnant cause when I looked up this dress it said room for growing belly thru pregnancy," one person commented. "I was going to order but didn't realize it was maternity dress lol."

Another person said: "Dress is part of the maternity line. Definitely pregnant."

The company, Mountain Aire Boutique, chimed in on the post saying that the outfit "it is not specifically a maternity dress, but can be used for that if needed."

As if the dress speculation wasn't enough, some people theorized that Joy-Anna's barefoot look was intentional.

"Truly thought this was going to be a cheesy 'barefoot and pregnant' announcement," someone said.

Another person commented: "Barefoot and pregnant — isn’t that what they say? Whatever the case you look great!"

A fan added: "Barefoot and pregnant."

Of course, it's never OK to ask someone if they're pregnant. Fans were reminded of this in February when Lauren and Josiah Duggar revealed they suffered a miscarriage in fall 2018. The situation was especially unfortunate because prior to the announcement, viewers took to the couple's Instagram page to ask when they planned to get pregnant.

If Joy-Anna is pregnant, I'm sure she'll announce it when she's ready. In the meantime, it's probably best to let the mom-of-one be.