The Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar Is Literally Too Cute Not To Buy

by Cat Bowen
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It's the time of year when we all seem to be settling into the idea that the holidays are just around the corner. Stores are putting up trees, Target has Christmas sweatshirts on the shelves, and we're all looking at how we plan to celebrate this year. If you have small children, look no further than the Fisher-Price Little People Advent calendar.

Retailing for just $35, and available on Amazon Prime, this advent calendar will have 24 separate Little People characters and toys sure to delight the young children as they learn of their surprise each day. Among the Little People that will be discovered behind each door are Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a cute golden retriever puppy, a snowboarder, a kitten, and a snowman, among many others. The box that it is packaged in is the actual Advent calendar, making it easy for parents to set up. (No need to fill 24 tiny boxes yourself.)

There are few toys more embedded in my memories of childhood than Little People. We had the farm, the dollhouse, and even a Little People version of Main Street. Little People provided my siblings and me with countless hours of imaginatory entertainment. Many of us share this experience, and are passing on this love to our kids. That's why I think this Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar is for sure going to sell out.

Every year, I get my kids multiple Advent calendars. Usually, they each get one edible calendar, one calendar with religious gifts inside, and then a fun, toy style calendar. (It should also be noted that I like to get myself a beer Advent calendar and a wine Advent calendar. December is the best of months for waiting.) This Fisher Price Little People Advent Calendar is such a good option for parents looking for those "toy" calendars this year.

This Advent calendar is fairly secular (insofar as any Advent calendar can be considered secular) so it's great for families who are fans of the holiday, but who might not be interested in the more religious aspects. The surprises inside are designed to fuel children's imaginations by giving them just enough of an idea of what the toy could be without inhibiting how children will interact with it. The toys are universal to the Little People world, so if you have other playsets, these will fit right in, decorating the houses, farms, and Main Streets with the trees and presents of the holidays.

And when I say "universal" I mean it. My aunt still has our Little People sets from the 1980s and 1990s, and my kids still play with them, and have added their own characters to the mix. They all work. Did I chew on the cowboy's hat as a child? Yes. Is that toy still in its mangled condition? Also yes. But it still works because it's such a simple toy.

When my daughter was in preschool, she was super into the Little People show for kids. I can still hear the song in my head. Apparently, the theme song lasts as long in my memory as the toys themselves. If your kids are into the show, I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to get the Fisher Price Little People Advent Calendar. Imagine their glee seeing their favorite show played out over 24 days. It would be a real treat.

Selfishly, we like this calendar for the throwback vintage vibes, but to our kids, it's all new. However, it is a way we can interact with our children on their level, with something that is familiar to all of us. What's not to love?

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