If Your Kids Love Kinetic Sand, They're Gonna Flip For Foam Alive

I'm not sure about the genesis of the tactile toy obsession most kids seem to have, but it's no doubt a thing. They can tug on slime for hours, or roll countless Play-Doh balls without getting bored. Hey, if it's something that will actually keep them entertained for more than five minutes, that's not a bad thing... so you're probably going to want to snag them Foam Alive, a new kinetic sand that's virtually mess-free. It'll keep them happy, and prevent you from having to spend hours cleaning up after play time. In other words, it's a win for moms and kids alike.

Foam Alive is part of the compound craze taking over the toy world, fulfilling the demand for products that can be molded and played with again and again without drying out. Kinetic Sand was the first iteration of a sand-based compound, offering the fun of building a sandcastle without the messiness or the need for water, thanks to its special formula that prevents the product from drying out. (Dry Play-Doh was the bane of my existence as a kid, so I would've been all about that.) And Foam Alive builds on the success of products like this, taking the ingenuity one step further with a compound product that moves of its own accord. It's aliiiive.

Courtesy of Moose Toys

Foam Alive is like kinetic sand because it's mess-free, can be reshaped, and offers repeatable play, but it's different from other, similar products because it has a fluffy texture (without being wet) instead of a more solid sand feel. When you form it into a shape, it only holds the mold for a few seconds before expanding and growing back into its natural form, and it will flow through your fingers when you hold it, offering an interactive experience that's different every time you open the package. (Psst: it will even move in the hourglass package it comes in, giving you a preview of the fun you'll have at home when you check it out in stores.)

The coolest part of the product is how many different ways you can play with it. If you squeeze Foam Alive, it gets hard and bouncy, but when you let it flow through your fingers, it feels soft and fluffy. So it's like having multiple toys in one. Plus, it won't stick to anything but itself, so you won't have to stress about your living room getting taken over by the clever compound. (If only the same could be said for slime.) Peep the video of the product below to get an idea of what it's like to play with it.

Pretty cool, right? You can go ahead and add Foam Alive to your to-buy list, as it will be available for purchase from major retailers in August, so it's the perfect back to school treat. Three purchasing options will be available come the end of summer: the Foam Alive Flip Pack ($5), the Foam Alive Double Flip Pack ($10), and the Make N' Melt Ice Cream Kit ($20). Plus, you can choose from three color options, Purple Pulse, Ruby Rush and Blue Blitz. For more details on these products, check out the Moose Toys site.