New mother carefully breastfeeds her newborn baby girl in hospital bed.

Your Postpartum Vagina *Needs* These Brilliant New Products From Frida Mom

Attention all moms-to-be: I have some news for you that is going to rock your postpartum world. Frida Mom, a new brand of postpartum recovery products specifically designed to serve all of your "fourth trimester" needs is now available. Trust me, this is huge news, for as much as you might think you're prepared for birth, I can assure you that you are most certainly not prepared for what happens to your body afterwards. I'm not trying to scare you, but as your friend I need you to know that it's about to get very real.

I first became acquainted with Frida, the company behind Frida Mom, after someone gifted me with their popular product NoseFrida, the SnotSucker from their Baby Frida line. At first I was like, "Excuse me, but this is gross and I will not be sucking anything from my baby." And then my newborn's nose was stuffed up, and he wouldn't stop screaming, and those bulb things I got from the hospital were worthless, and I was all, "Where is that snot sucker thing?!" I give it to all my pregnant friends now because it is genius.

When I found out Frida's new products were exclusively designed to help new moms recover after birth, I was tempted to tell my husband it was time for another baby just so I could try them... but then I remembered how much I enjoy sleeping.

Courtesy of Frida Mom

Frida Founder and CEO, Chelsea Hirschhorn, noticed after the birth of her own children (she has three) that there was little in the way of postpartum recovery solutions for new mothers. I know from my own experience that were it not for my veteran mom friends who told me to stock up on thick maxi pads and witch hazel so I could create my own "padsicles," I would have had no idea how to care for my post-birth vagina. Hirschorn was determined to change all that, and thus, Frida Mom was "born." Each year, approximately four million babies are born in the U.S. and there are countless products that cater to them, Hirschorn shared at a recent press event to kick off the brand. But Mom, she says, is sent on her way with a baby to take care of and told to check in with her doctor in 6 weeks so that she can have sex. Yea, let that reality sink in.

Courtesy of Frida Mom

Yes, there are products that specifically help postpartum moms recover from the battle wounds of childbirth — witch hazel pads, maxi pads, numbing spray, and peri bottles, but the standard stuff that your hospital provides (and what you will surely be Amazon Priming before you even get home) are a bit... outdated and not very practical. Anyone who has had to line up a row of round witch hazel pads (salami sandwich-style) atop a maxi pad before tucking it into her mesh postpartum undies knows both the inconvenience of this process and the fear of not finding every "slice" at their next bathroom visit.

The new Frida Mom collection was designed to make each step of treating your postpartum vagina more seamless. The full line of products includes an upside-down peri-bottle (for gentle cleaning of your lady bits), 2-in-1 instant ice maxi pads, witch hazel pad liners that fit the entire length of a maxi pad, perineal healing foam (instead of spray — genius), super soft delivery + nursing gowns, and a hospital bag essentials kit. Even their 100 percent cotton, disposable postpartum underwear (for both vaginal and C-section recovery), is a much needed update from the the mesh underwear the hospital provides — they're super soft, but great at holding up the maxi pads, ice packs, and more that are needed to help your body heal.

Courtesy of Frida Mom

Launching on and in select Target stores nationwide, the Frida Mom collection will also be available on Amazon and BuyBuy Baby. Each product retails between $12 and $30, or you can buy them in bundles: $50 for the Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit and $100 for the Labor and Delivery Postpartum Recovery Kit.

It is high time companies (not to mention hospitals and doctors) started focusing more on the needs and wellbeing of moms after birth. These products from Frida Mom are definitely a step in the right direction, so make sure when you're registering for all those baby items you probably won't use anyway, you're also including these essentials just for you as well. Your postpartum body will thank you.