FridaBaby’s New Gadget Goes After Boogers & So Much More

I distinctly remember being gifted a NoseFrida at my son’s baby shower and thinking, “There’s no way I’m using this thing to suck my baby's boogers out.” Well, guess what? That clever little invention became an essential instrument in my mom toolkit. (If you have one, you know what I’m talking about.) Now Fridababy, the company behind the NoseFrida, is back with another brilliant invention I’m convinced will be the next new mom must-have: The Fridababy 3-In-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker.

Dubbed the “Essential Booger Picker Tool” — FridaBaby doesn’t play when it comes to descriptors — this little device is basically the pocketknife of snot removal, with a nifty multi-prong design to give you multiple picking options. And it’s not limited to goo of the nasal variety, either. No, this tri-action tool was designed to navigate nearly every baby orifice, including (but not limited to) the belly button.

Or, as FridaBaby puts it: “It's as grossly satisfying as sucking snot, but perfectly designed to clean crusties + gunk out of all bodily crevices.”

What does that mean? Well, we’re talking under-nail nastiness, ear globs, and all the creepy crust that can develop under tiny humans’ toenails, belly buttons, and anywhere else.

"I wish I had it with all of my children," wrote one mom in her Amazon review. "I’ve been using it on my newborn for those boogers that get stuck and can’t be reached. This tool is safe and doesn’t go far up the nose but pulls out the gunk so easily."

"Love the ear picker, our little guy has a lot of ear wax and I hate the idea of using a Q-tip and there’s only so much a wet washcloth can do," wrote another mom.

"Our son has very bad allergies and so has a lot of snot, earwax etc. which we have to get rid of," wrote one reviewer on the FridaBaby website. "I didn’t feel comfortable just using tweezers and it’s not very viable just to use my hand, clean exes and such only work so well. This product did help. I feel better with the design of it over something like tweezers and it was able to get some hard to reach little pieces."

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No longer will parents have to risk cramming their pinky nails into their infant’s ear canal in a fruitless effort to extract some honey-looking ooze. Instead, just pop out the ear wax tool and get that baby clean (safely).

The 3-in-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker is small enough to be tossed into a diaper bag; the storage case means it won’t get nasty rolling around in your tote. And don't be fooled by the baby on the package: This MacGyver-worthy tool works on toddlers, too, who can get even grimier than babies.