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‘Gilmore Girls’ Easter Eggs That Make The Revival Feel Like The Original

(Warning: This post contains spoilers from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.) There are certain things that Gilmore Girls have come to expect from the series, like sarcasm and gallons of coffee being consumed each episode, so the Gilmore Girls Easter eggs that were shown in the revival were plenty expected and even necessary, in order to give little nods to all of the true fans out there. You don’t have a show that lasts seven seasons without developing certain inside jokes and little “isms” that make the show what it is. And also that make Gilmore Girls fans able to sometimes speak to each other in their own kind of language.

The Easter eggs peppered throughout the Gilmore Girls revival pay homage to the original series in the best way, without making the references seem contrived or forced in any way. You kind of have to expect the little nods to the original Gilmore Girls series, when it was always a show that relied heavily on its ability to keep its fans close. And right from the beginning, when in place of the theme song there were tons of famous lines from different characters, the callbacks began right away.

The Gilmore Girls Easter eggs make the Netflix revival feel so much like the original that you almost forget that there are only four episodes to it. Almost.

Most Gilmore Girls fans had to expect the callbacks to the original series and really, look forward to them. What would the revival be without tons of inside jokes to make the super fans feel like they were home again? Such as...

All The Quotes

From the moment Episode 1 began, there was something much better than the usual theme song introduction that fans watched for seven years. Instead, there was a black screen with tons of lines from all of the past seasons of the original series. From “I love you, you idiot,” to “Oy, with the poodles already,” it was the perfect way to begin the Gilmore Girls revival.

“You’ve Been Gooped”

Lorelai and Rory have never been strangers to making up their own weird words, or putting quirky spins on different phrases. So when Rory arrived home, looking like she hadn’t just spent several hours on a flight, Lorelai accused her of being “gooped,” by way of adopting yoga and similar practices into her life. And in this case, she was referring to Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company. Way to be current, ladies.

Taylor’s Town-Related Obsessions

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Taylor has always been known for his various causes that he deems important for the sake of the town, but that eventually annoy literally everyone else. Right off the bat, Lorelai introduces Rory to Taylor’s latest cause, that is very Taylor-like. It’s the idea of switching Stars Hollow to a sewer system, as opposed to septic tanks. There’s also talk of him going around to gather “septic tank horror stories” from residents.

“I Smell Snow.”

Way back in Season 1, Lorelai’s love of snow and all things winter was established when she told Rory, “Wait, close your eyes and breathe. I smell snow,” and then, “Everything's magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. The clothes are great. Coats, scarves, gloves, hats." This basic Lorelai observation brought that back in the first episode of the Gilmore Girls revival that was appropriately titled: “Winter.”

Kirk’s Random Jobs

Throughout the series, Kirk had a variety of jobs, often changing from episode to episode. In the Gilmore Girls revival, he announces his newest business venture, “Ooober,” which is basically an Uber rip off. Eventually, he has to shut down his new business, but his system of having riders call his mom, who then calls him, wasn’t exactly stellar from the start.

“Full Freaking Circle.”

After Richard’s funeral, Lorelai and Emily get into a fight and when Lorelai starts to leave, Emily tells her to go back to Stars Hollow and tell her people how awful her mother was to her. Lorelai turns around and says, “Full freaking circle,” which makes a lot of sense because Stars Hollow is where she ran away to, away from Emily and Richard, as a teenager.

Kirk’s Mom

Kirk’s relationship with his mom has always been close, weird, and a little sad. So in the Gilmore Girls revival it is no different. When Kirk is eating at Emily’s house, he mentions how his mother had always had him taste her food before she tried it herself. And in that moment, it wasn’t hard to feel for the guy just a little bit.

Mr. Kim

Lane’s dad on Gilmore Girls has always been a mystery. In fact, viewers never even saw him for the duration of the entire series. But in the Gilmore Girls revival, Mr. Kim was finally revealed. He didn’t have any lines, but he also played a part in giving a little wink-wink to fans who have always wondered about Lane’s dad, but never met him.

Another Short Film By Kirk

In the Gilmore Girls series, Kirk famously created a wannabe artsy short film titled A Film by Kirk. It wasn’t largely received or even a huge deal, but in the revival, Kirk debuted another black and white short film by Kirk. It was another weird independent movie that was hard to understand, but you always have to hand it to Kirk for doing his thing.

The Gilmore Girls revival was produced in a way that allows it to stand on its own, but it also pays tribute to the original in the best way. You can only do so much in four 90-minute increments, but it worked.