Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Where Has Lane’s Dad Been? The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Brought Up An Old Mystery

The mystery of Lane's dad on Gilmore Girls has always been a running theme within the series, so when the Netflix revival premiered Friday, things were no different. But after all of this time, where has Lane's dad been on the Gilmore Girls revival? He has been the subject of many a fan theory, some of which have been downright ridiculous, but it's almost like a running joke on the series, which crossed over into the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix.

Long after Gilmore Girls ended in 2007, fans were still wondering about Lane's dad and his forever absence in the series. He was referenced since the pilot episode but never actually seen until the revival, so where has Lane's dad been on Gilmore Girls? Even for Lane's wedding, Mr. Kim wasn't present, but most fans can agree that Mrs. Kim was always more than enough parent for Rory's best friend. Still, finally seeing Lane's dad in the Gilmore Girls revival makes you wonder all over again about where he was and what he's been up to for the entire series.

In March 2016, Keiko Agena (Lane) spoke to Gilmore News about her TV dad and where he'd been for her life on Gilmore Girls.

Agena told the website that in her mind, "Even though we never talked about Mr. Kim, and it was never explained to me logistically where he was, but for some reason, I felt that they were married and that he was just somewhere. I know it doesn’t make any sense; he didn’t come to the wedding, and so on, there’s no logical reason for me to feel this way."

Agena went on to theorize that Mr. Kim "was away from home. I don’t know the specifics, but I felt like religion played a part in it somehow.” That makes sense, since it was established early on that Lane came from a super religious Korean family that was all about raising Lane to be a young, God-fearing wife married to a nice Korean doctor.

So to finally see Mr. Kim, for the first time ever, in the Gilmore Girls revival was a treat for sure and helped in giving fans at least a little bit of closure regarding the elusive mystery character. Like, at the very least, now fans know that the Kim patriarch does exist, even if his whereabouts will forever remain a mystery, even to the rest of the cast.