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Nothing Has Prepared Fans For 'Grey's Anatomy's Record-Breaking Episode

If you’ve been a Grey’s Anatomy fan from the beginning, then you’ve probably laughed, cried, threatened to quit watching the show, and got sucked back in again over the past 14 years. It’s been a wild ride so far, with some storylines lacking and others verging on soap opera territory. Now, it’s about to beat ER’s record for the longest running medical drama. And these tweets about Grey’s Anatomy’s record breaking episode show how dedicated fans still are after 14 seasons of drama.

Despite some storylines and romances that might have dragged on for a little longer than some fans may have liked, Grey’s Anatomy has stayed relevant and interesting. Through the deaths of beloved main characters, weddings, pregnancies, and other characters straight up leaving the show through mean other than horrific deaths, the series has continued to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

I definitely don’t see that formula changing anytime soon and tonight's episode has most Grey’s Anatomy fans excited for what comes next. Whether you still love what’s left of the main characters from the first season or you’re still watching because at this point you’ve invested too many Thursday nights to just give up, you have to admit that breaking this record is a huge deal for Grey’s Anatomy.

ER previously held the record for longest running primetime medical drama with 331 episodes. Tonight marks Grey’s Anatomy’s 332nd episode, surpassing the previous record and, with more seasons likely ahead, Grey’s Anatomy could reach 400 before there’s any sign of slowing down.

Grey’s Anatomy has said goodbye to some strong core cast members over the years. George, Lexi, Mark, Derek, and Cristina, just to name a few to get you all blubbering in preparation for the monumental episode tonight. While for some shows the loss of these important characters might lessen the quality, other new characters and storylines have helped continue to propel Grey’s forward.

Chandra Wilson, who plays Bailey and directed tonight’s episode, spoke to Buzzfeed News about the record-breaking episode and what it means for the cast and fans. She said that the cast had been counting the episodes to see where the monumental 332nd episode would fall and that she felt honored to be the one to direct it.

"We end up with an episode that really lets the fans know that we continue," Wilson said. "That’s really at the end of the day what it ends up being about, so I’m excited."

I haven’t always agreed with every direction the show took. I’m still a little salty about losing Jackson and April as a couple, but I’ll get over it. I’ll also forever be mourning what could have been with Lexi and Mark, but I’ve gotten over that to some extent too. This is a show that can kill off huge characters or change storylines in such dramatic ways but still keep the show interesting and true to its original form.

Grey’s Anatomy hasn't officially been renewed for Season 16 yet, but there’s a good chance it will be back next fall for ABC’s T.G.I.T. to maintain its cushy 8 p.m. ET time slot that has continued to ring in steady ratings. Ellen Pompeo has hinted at the show possibly ending after Season 16 or not returning herself, but whenever Grey’s Anatomy does finally come to a close, I hope there’s enough of a warning to prepare longtime fans.

There have been a lot of changes on the show over the years, but the fact that so many fans have remained loyal to the medical drama proves that it still has something special going for it. And if I know anything about Grey’s Anatomy, I’d say to get the tissues ready for tonight’s big episode.