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How To Get Your Family Halloween Costume Game On Like The Kardashian Kids

There are some families that always seem to be able to coordinate the perfect costumes for Halloween. Most of us simply don't have the time or the inclination to do so; never mind the fact that if one kid doesn't like the plan, all hell could break loose. But families like the Kardashians can provide tons of ideas for popular disguises and set us all up with a blueprint on how to add a little extra pizazz to our own family costumes. When you're taking your Halloween inspiration from the Kardashian kids (and parents, and aunts, and grandparents), you're not necessarily looking for an exact replica. You're looking at their designer duds and drawing from them what you love.

The Kardashians go all-out every year, and with good reason. It's a huge part of their job as reality television superstars to step out for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. They have to show up, and show up in style, because it's all great content for their show. However, most of the costumes for the kids are store-bought, which makes sense considering the fact that their parents are really busy trying to operate a hugely-successful empire and trick or treat. But whether you're a kindergarten teacher or a media mogul, this Halloween inspiration from the Kardashian kids will give you a few pointers if you're still looking for the perfect costume.


The Originals

Coveralls! Sure, according to Kourtney, these *weren't* costumes, but let's be honest, they're costumes. And they're pretty cute. Workman's coveralls are pretty great after Halloween, too, for painting or playing in the dirt.


Little Stinkers

Oh my word, these are so freaking cute, and you know what? They're available everywhere. I saw one at Costco! The tiniest of Wests and Disicks look like they couldn't possibly stink, but we've all changed a toddler blowout, so, we know it is 100 percent possible.


Baby Fashionistas

Can you even with baby Andre Leon Talley? Because I cannot. For this one, your best bet is to buy a women's satin or silk top and let your little wear it like a dress (like this black silk blouse on Amazon for $16). You might have to pin up the neckline a little so it fits, but it's the best way. Pair it with beads and fabulous accessories.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This little Disick is serving up some pure Dorothy Judy Garland realness, and I am loving every minute. There's no place like home... which for her means something a bit more fabulous than it does for most of us, but maybe if we click our heels three times we'll also land in Beverly Hills.


Princess Perfect

If only I looked like Kim in the matching costume. Alas, I'm about six inches too tall and lacking curves. That's cool, my baby would make a great Jasmine and I could go as the tiger. There are a ton of Jasmine costumes available, and they're all pretty reasonable, thankfully.


Go Go Power Rangers

I love how coordinated these are. Also, how simple. They're all wearing morphsuit style costumes, and those are the easiest costumes in the history of costumes. They're just a lycra bodysuit. Although, they're not a ton of fun to strip off when you're sweaty.


Avengers, Assemble

My favorite of these costumes is Little Black Widow. Her all-black ensemble is just so adorable and bada*s. Plus, Black Widow is a great role model, defying gender norms and hanging out with the big heroes.