These Halloween decorations under $5 will help make your home spooky without spending too much.
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These Halloween Decorations Under $5 Include Skeletons, Pumpkins, & Lights

When it comes to Halloween decorations, going all out to decorate every square inch of the house is just so much fun. But decorating the porch, the yard, the kitchen, and yes, even the bathrooms, can get pricey. Luckily, there are plenty of Halloween decorations under $5 so you can "boo"-tify your home without breaking the bank.

I honestly can't imagine celebrating Halloween without an array of orange and black and ghosts galore. Hanging ghoulish and glowing lanterns from the trees, lining the driveway with pumpkin-shaped yard stakes, and stringing fake spiderwebs across the entryway always marks the official beginning of spooky season for my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Although I've amassed a plethora of decorations throughout the years, I still love to buy fun new Halloween swag, but doing so without spending an arm and a leg is sometimes more of a trick than a treat.

Whether you want your decorative style to be ghoulishly gory or creepy cute, this list has you covered. From miniature skeletons and pumpkin lights to paper banners and window decals, every item on this list costs less than $5 and will transform your home into the perfect Halloween haunt.

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Mini Painted Pumpkins

At just 2.5 inches tall, these miniature painted pumpkins are the perfect size for placing on your mantle, tabletop, counter, a shelf, or pretty much anywhere you want to add a bit of Halloween flair.


Paper Banner

A "Happy Halloween" banner like this one from Target is an easy and inexpensive way to help add some Halloween cheer to your home this year. It makes every day of the season feel worthy of a Halloween party.


Ghost Succulent

This ghost succulent is a boo-tiful way to elevate your Halloween home style this year. It's tiny, it's smiling, and it has a bright blue succulent inside. What more could you want in a Halloween decoration?


Orange LED Lights

Move over Christmas lights, these Halloween-themed pumpkin LED fairy lights are here to illuminate your outdoor decorative displays. They're battery-operated and include a timer, so you can easily add them to your outdoor decorations without worrying about having to turn them on and off each night.


Pumpkin Tea Lights

These pint-sized pumpkin tea lights are a charming and budget-friendly way to light up just about any part of your home this Halloween season.


Hanging Grim Reaper

Scare the pants off of every kid in the neighborhood without spending an arm and a leg by hanging this flying grim reaper decoration from a tree in your front yard.


Window Clings

One of the easiest ways to transform your home into an All Hallow's Eve haunt is with window clings. This assortment of 113 Halloween window decals features bats, spiders, spiderwebs, and more to fill up every single window of your house with freakish figures.


Leaf & Bats Wreath

It is incredibly rare to find an actual door wreath worth buying for under $5, but you can score this Halloween-themed wreath with bats and orange leaves on Amazon for just $4.


Mini Yoga Skeleton

These tiny decorations were the talk of the 2019 Halloween season, and you can get your bony fingers on these mini skeletons in yoga poses yet again this year if you want to put a twist on classic skeleton decor.


Mesh Jack-O-Lantern Stakes

These mesh jack-o-lantern yard stakes are just too precious. Standing 20 inches tall, you can put them in your yard, line your sidewalk, or place them in potted plants to give your yard a happy Halloween facelift.


Monochrome Skulls

Add these monochromatic skull decorations throughout your home for some creepy vibes anywhere you place them. Each plastic decorative skull measures around 4 inches tall and comes in assorted colors, with one skull in each package ordered.


Trick-Or-Treat Wall Sign

Need a way to let trick-or-treaters know that you're officially open for business? Try hanging up one of these 10-inch trick-or-treat wall signs on your door to invite little candy-seekers to go ahead and knock away.


Skeleton Charger Plates

While most charger plates are typically reserved for fancy dinner parties, these 13-inch skeleton plates are too fun to save for your next extravagant affair. Instead, use them to decorate your table or hang on the wall to celebrate the Halloween season.


Tabletop Book

This Halloween-themed tabletop accent book comes in assorted styles, so you could theoretically stack your entire bookshelf full of faux books about black cats and witches' brews this season.


Frog Skeleton

You've seen yoga skeleton decorations, sure, but have you ever seen a frog skeleton? It's so creepy, it's cute.


Hanging Skeleton

I'm not sure if hanging this skeleton decoration in your front yard will scare everyone walking by your house on Halloween night or invite them to come join the party by the way he's dressed. Either way, his top hat and jacket combo are sure to jazz up your yard decor.


Pumpkin & Spider Hanging Decor

One easy way to pump up the Halloween spirit in your home is to hang these paper decorations featuring pumpkins and spiders from your ceiling. They're perfect for parties, but even if you're just planning to celebrate at home with family this year, you can't beat the $3 price tag.


Witch Bird Figurine

At just under 7 inches tall, this adorable witch bird figurine is perfectly poised to sit on a shelf, your mantle, or a countertop to welcome guests to your Halloween haunt of a home.


LED Lantern

Hang these battery-operated mini lanterns from your trees, sit them on your porch, or set them up in your windows to illuminate your home, porch, or yard this Halloween.


Hanging Boo Sign

The bow on the "B" helps this hanging "Boo" sign lean more sweet than spooky, but the bat and spiderwebs keep it creepy. It's perfect for decorating your door, your porch, or anywhere you want to add a bit of Halloween spirit around your home.


'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Window Clings

What's this? What's this? Hang the Pumpkin King and all his ghoulish pals in your windows this Halloween with this set of 15 window cling decals from Party City.


Halloween Candle Tin

Just under 3 inches in diameter, these Halloween-themed candles in tin jars are decorated with pumpkins, skulls, and spiders. Not only will they help your home look like Halloweentown, scents like caramel apple, pumpkin spice, and midnight sky will help it smell that way too.


Spider Pillow

Throw pillows can be pricey, especially when they're holiday-themed, but you can snag this creepy spider pillow for just $5. Measuring 12 inches by 9 inches, this felt and polyester pillow can be used to accent furniture indoors or out.


Mantle Tiles

These 4-inch by 4-inch metal decorative tiles are the perfect way to accent any room this Halloween season. Choose from Frankenstein, jack-o-lantern, ghost, black cat, and vampire characters to prop up on your mantle, bookshelf, or countertop.


Paper Bat Decor

These multidimensional bat figures come in a pack of 12 so that you can easily decorate any area with an entire crowd of flying bats this season. Use double-sided tape to attach them to walls, the ceiling, or anywhere you want to add some spooky to your home.


Ghouls Sticker

The play on words on this sticker that reads "There's Some Ghouls In This House" is just too perfect for the Halloween season. Stick in on your car, your laptop, your home windows, or anywhere you want to add a bit of Halloween flair this year.


Sew-On Ghost Patch

Add this sew-on ghost patch to throw pillows, blankets, or any other fabric decor to help "boo"-tify your home this Halloween season.


Oogie Boogie Window Decal

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas can put this Oogie Boogie decal on their walls or windows and play "Oogie Boogie's Song" from the movie on repeat. It's so perfect.


'Hocus Pocus' Wall Decal

Another wall decal that will have your home looking as haunted as can be is this shadow version of the Sanderson Sisters that fits perfectly over your light switches.


Printable Wall Decor

This adorable pumpkin-themed printout is available for instant download and can be framed to create a chic piece of Halloween decor to any room of your home for just $5.