Hanna Andersson

All You Need For These Halloween Costumes Is A Pair Of Hanna Andersson PJs

It's that time of year once again, when one can't buy Midol at CVS without a six-foot plastic ghoul howling into their face as they stroll toward aisle six. Halloween has become such a massive, no-holds barred retail holiday, it can make one long for more playful, imaginative costuming options. And if the kids can pull off their wings and then collapse into bed in said costume? Even better! Luckily, the children's lifestyle brand Hanna Andersson's pajama Halloween costume shop is here to make that a reality.

There are dozens of options to choose from: Everything from The Star Unicorn to The Curious Octopus to a Martian to a Sprightly Sloth. The line features a pair of comfy striped or patterned pajamas, as well as some high quality tails, ears, rocket boosters, fire trucks, flamingo masks... whatever your little shark or butterfly or pirate might need. The jammies are organic cotton, while the accessories are plush or fabric, with many of them hand-crafted. It's all just really pretty, high quality stuff. Like the kinds of costumes the kids would be wearing in a rom-com starring Jennifer Garner.

Great, I hear you saying. I'll look forward to taking out a small loan to buy one. But surprisingly, the little outfits are actually pretty reasonable, especially when compared with the plastic-y slop one would purchase from a big box store. A pair of pajamas runs around $44, while a set of say, parrot wings, costs $40. While that might sound like a lot for a night of begging strangers for fun-size Twix, these get-ups are so cute and fun I feel confident they'll be used for year round play. I mean I know if I get my son that rocket booster he'll be blasting up the aisle for Christmas Eve mass. And because they're well-made, they aren't going to fall apart or cause meltdowns, such as when the scales start to fall off after repeated wear of a polyester mermaid tail.

And the jammie part? Truly brilliant. There are both sleeper versions as well as long and short sleeve sets, which means no matter the age (or temp outside) your kid will actually be comfortable while trick or treating, and not pulling at their Spider-Man crotch because it's too tight and itchy.

Plus, with so many options to choose from, kids can let their imaginations go bananas. See what kind of bonkers creature they might come up with. A jellyfish ice cream truck? Ghost bunny? Parents can let those little kooks run wild. They can also use the PJs to pair with more specific costume ideas, like green stripes for Peter Pan, or black stripes if they want to look like an old timey inmate. Or Beetlejuice.

While homemade costumes shall always be my fave and closest to my heart, I must admit I do really dig what they've done here. It just feels a bit more playful and joyful. Which is how Halloween should feel. Like when I was a kid, and wore an orange clown wig and sang into a Sprite can, then told everyone I was Little Orphan Annie.