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Luke Has Made It A Lot Further On 'The Bachelorette' Than Fans Thought He Would

by Chrissy Bobic

If someone had told me five weeks ago that not only would Luke still be around on Hannah's season, but he would make it all the way to hometown dates, I would have laughed in their face. Luke has been nothing but trouble since the beginning and it's honestly a wonder to me how he has lasted this long, much less further than the elusive hometown date episode. But Hannah saved Luke after hometowns on The Bachelorette Monday night and at this point, he's basically indestructible.

Typically on The Bachelorette, the star sends one of her final four contestants home after hometown dates, but this time around, Hannah just couldn't pick one of them to eliminate from the running for that final rose and a chance to propose to her. She has gone back and forth with Luke over the course of the season, so it's not a total shock that she still sees something there. It just seemed like by now, she might have finally made a decision regarding her feelings for him.

Unfortunately for the other guys who are over Luke, Hannah skipped the usual elimination that comes after hometowns and Luke lives to fight for love another day on The Bachelorette.

Luke's journey on The Bachelorette started off by him declaring his love for Hannah on his first group date and long before any of the other guys actually caught feelings for her. That alone made him public enemy number one, especially since Hannah wasn't at all put off by his strong feelings so early in the season. Instead, she swooned over Luke's passion and they started to get closer as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Naturally, some of the other guys were threatened by this early connection. Luke stood his ground, however, and continued to pursue Hannah with as much vigor as he wanted, despite potentially stepping on toes. This eventually led to Luke fighting with some of Hannah's other guys and as he started to get a little more territorial as one of Hannah's suitors, things started to crack in the shiny veneer of his relationship with her. Still, she kept him around long enough for hometown dates and made the decision to stay with him afterward.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that Hannah is happy and satisfied with her own decisions. This is definitely unprecedented for The Bachelorette, though, especially since Luke has thrown up some relationship red flags this season. He got overly aggressive during a rugby game group date, came for some of the other guys when he probably didn't need to, and repeatedly tried to make Hannah feel guilty when she got closer to some of the other men. It wasn't a good sign of things to come, but Hannah saw something in him and even now, she decided to keep him around a little longer.

Instead of sending one of her final four guys home, Hannah chose to keep Luke around because she needed more time. Hannah said she wants to "dive in" and really explore each of these four relationships to figure out which man is best for her. She told Chris Harrison that she didn't want to "close a door on a relationship that’s not done" and I think that’s fair enough on her part. She probably doesn't want to make a decision she might regret later on down the line, especially if the remaining men turned out to be wrong for her and she sent home Luke or any of the other men before she was totally ready. In the end, she kept them all around, including Luke.

Earlier in the episode, Hannah admitted that she was falling in love with Luke and despite their many ups and downs, that seemed to be enough for her to keep him around long enough to see if they really can make it past the hurdle that fantasy suite dates bring. She told her final four men that for the first time in her Bachelorette journey, she wasn't totally sure about what to do. Hopefully, Luke uses this opportunity to help make Hannah's next decision a little easier.