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Hannah Sent Luke Home For A Second Time On 'The Bachelorette'

Luke was nothing if not persistent this season, but that persistence did not translate to making him a good match for Hannah. So when he showed up at the rose ceremony after she already sent him home, it was enough to send her over the edge. And when Hannah told Luke, "I'm gonna go psycho" on The Bachelorette, Twitter continued to stand behind her and her decision to send him out of her life.

Hannah already told Luke off once during their fantasy suite date, so you would think he could take a hint that was more like a boulder he probably couldn't ignore. Luke's comments about Hannah spending the night and getting intimate with other men made her feel continuously slut shamed and judged, which she told him more than once. But when he came back during the rose ceremony he wasn't supposed to be a part of, he denied his comments about Hannah's sex life and it understandably set her off.

If it wasn't enough that Luke refused to leave the rose ceremony, forcing Hannah to literally pick up the pedestal that held the roses and move away from him, he demanded that she give him closure. She told Luke that his behavior was going to make her "go psycho" and I don't think any Bachelorette should be made to feel that way at a time when she should be close to getting engaged to her future husband.

Luke showed up at the rose ceremony with the intention of gaining closure and telling Hannah how he felt. He even had a ring in his pocket, presumably meant for proposing to Hannah on the spot, despite not being one of her final two men. Instead, Hannah reiterated what she had already told him when she initially broke things off and Hannah Beast came out.

Last week when Hannah told Luke off, Twitter had her back. Fans applauded her for finally seeing all of the red flags she had missed for the majority of the season. They continued to support her this week, when Luke once again failed to see where he had gone wrong with Hannah.

And since Luke showed up at the rose ceremony uninvited, he doesn't seem to have learned anything from his actions. He told Chris Harrison on the "Men Tell All" special that he wanted to "rescue" Hannah from the other men. But from what I saw this season, Hannah didn't need anyone to save her. She knew what she wanted from the men and she went after it on her terms.

It was inevitable for Luke to not go quietly into the night, never to be heard from again. With the way he behaved all season, fans probably shouldn't have been surprised when he showed up at the rose ceremony, expecting Hannah to hear him out. By then, however, she had already heard everything she needed to know and as she told Luke herself, there were no feelings left between them. There was no reason for Luke to stick around after Hannah told him to leave.

Despite going "psycho" on Luke after he repeatedly refused to leave, I think Hannah handled him with more class than a lot of people would have. He definitely tested her patience over and over, but fans on Twitter have been behind Hannah every step of the way. Luckily, Hannah can move past Luke now that the season is over and she won't be forced to deal with him after sending him home. Let's just hope that he somehow learned a lesson through all of this.