a woman holding her baby wearing clothes from HATCH's fourth trimester collection

You're Gonna Want To Live In HATCH's Super Soft Fourth Trimester Collection

The fourth trimester: that overlooked, under discussed period when your body is in flux and you're half human/half milk production plant. It can be a tough time to be a woman, even in the midst of the new baby glow. Part of the problem is that as your body recovers from birth, traditional clothing can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for mamas dealing with C-section stitches and scars. That's where HATCH's new Fourth Trimester: The After Baby Collection comes in. A line of mega cozy pieces designed just for new moms, you might want to keep wearing them for the fifth trimester... and the sixth... and, well, you get the idea.

The ultimate "we see you" series of pieces, HATCH designers "wanted to create something that would make the transition from pregnancy to motherhood a little less difficult (and more comfortable!)," according to a press release. To that end, the new line of "loungewear, underpinnings and nursing-friendly pieces was made "with her needs — physical and emotional — in mind." Um, yes, please!

To be honest, we've been looking for a dress like "The Secret Nursing Dress" for years. This floral, lightweight dress has a hidden snap on the chest to allow for easy access to nurse. But it's so cleverly constructed, you can't even see the secret opening once you button it all back yup — a far cry from flimsy overlay flaps we've seen on other nursing dresses.

There's a weird trend in maternity and postpartum clothing to dress women like children (think cutesy patterns and childlike ruffles and cuts). HATCH avoids all of that with this sophisticated and smart Nurse-to-Errands Onesie. Hope in the car, pick up diapers, pull the top open to pause to nurse, then run through Starbucks drive-thru still looking put together. Genius!

And don't get us started on this Visitor Dress. The perfect in between item for when you're just home from the hospital but have an eager friend who pops by to bring you dinner, throw this French terry gown on and feel appropriately dressed while super comfortable clutching your new babe.

HATCH's new line launched on March 12. To see all of the items, visit (and do it soon, because these will probably sell out pretty quickly). Then you can finally toss those stretched-out sweatpants for good.