These 'Hocus Pocus' Flannels Are Your New Halloween Season Wardrobe

by Cat Bowen

Name a more iconic Halloween trio than the Sanderson Sisters. Go ahead, I'll wait. It can't be done. For many of us, Hocus Pocus and the Sanderson Sisters simply are Halloween. That's probably why there is such an abundance of merch released every year in honor of the witches who run amuck, and I will admit, I love most of it. However, these Hocus Pocus flannels speak to my inner '90s kid, who was a touch too young for grunge, but really wanted in on the trend, anyway.

The Disney Store is selling three different flannels with painted sayings from the films embellished on the backs of the knitwear. One reads "amuck, amuck, amuck." The other two read "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus," and "I suggest we form a calming circle." At $50, they're pretty on-par with other major brands as far as pricing goes, and they're 100 percent cotton flannel, so they're also bound to be luxuriously soft.

The film came out in 1993, so the vintage style flannels make sense. When Hocus Pocus was released, the grunge movement was in full swing. Pearl Jam and Kurt Cobain made the style famous, but it really took off. Now, 26 years later (!!!) the style of the early '90s is back and being worn in much the same style that it was back then. These Hocus Pocus flannels just happen to be a lot more fun (and if you're feeling dressy, don't forget that Disney is also selling a pretty amazing Hocus Pocus dress).

Just reading the phrase "I suggest we form a calming circle" instantly makes me picture Kathy Najimy as Mary Sanderson, giddily smiling in the calming circle with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker saying "Think soothing thoughts. Rabid bats. Black death. Mummy scorpion pie," as they all turn around in a circle, arm-in-arm, staring at the night sky. Still, to this day, whenever I get the whim and go to a yoga class, I'm tempted to quote this scene when we're in the meditation portion of the evening. Just because I'm fairly certain that most of the participants in the room would be just as likely to quote it alongside me. Well, that, and I suck at meditating. And yoga. And being appropriate.

The next flannel features everyone's favorite blonde witch, Sarah's famous phrase, "Amuck, amuck, amuck." There is a high likelihood that when you wear this flannel, that random folk behind you will read it aloud just like Sarah does in the movie. Will they jump up and down like a giddy child? It will be hard to tell as they'll most likely be behind you as they do it.

I love that these Hocus Pocus flannels are like the mullet of button down shirts; all business in the front, all party in the back. They're cute, boldly colored cozy flannels that would look adorable tucked into a skirt, or worn with a pair of jeans, and no one would know how fun they are until you turn around. They're definitely a conversation starter. I imagine wearing mine to go apple picking or to a fall winery tour. I would style it with a cute pair of torn, black, skinny or straight ankle jeans, stacked heel boots or sneakers, and possibly a beanie or panama hat, depending on the weather. I live in the Northeast, so fall can be a second summer, where I need to shade my face, or it can be snowing. It's a real tossup, up here.

The flannels are a unisex fit, so they'd be just as great for masc presenting people as they are on everyone else. They'd also be fantastic as a nightgown if you size up, and since they come in sizes XS to 4X, many people will be able to do just that. The deep green of the "It's all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus" flannel would be absolutely fantastic in fall family photos, because of how it would play on the woodsy colors normally featured in those, and because of the fun photographic possibilities. No matter how you wear them, people are going to remember that you did.