Your Kid's Favorite Milk Now Comes Packed With An Extra Nutritional Punch

When it comes to feeding our kids and ourselves nutritious foods, finding the right brands to meet all your needs can be tricky. In our house, buying organic is always a must and when it comes to milk, there are a ton of brands to choose from. My son loves chocolate milk, so I've bought high protein chocolate milk in the past to suppress the mom-guilt, but I could never find any organic brands. Enter Horizon Organic and their new high protein milk line, which comes in chocolate and is every nutritionally savvy, naturally minded, and fitness focused mom's dream come true.

Whether you're macro focused like me or you're just looking to make some healthier choices in the new year, you're probably super psyched to hear that one of your fave organic brands is coming out with some brand new protein packed goodness. That's because protein is essential for keeping muscles strong and healthy, and with 12 grams of organic protein per serving, your glass of Horizon Organic Protein Milk will provide 50 percent more protein than your traditional dairy milk. Healthier muscles and more gains in 2019... talk about goals! This new line includes three organic flavors: reduced-fat chocolate, so you can pour a guilt-free glass for your little one; reduced fat plain, to add some extra protein to your bowl of cereal; and Vitamin D, as a creamier but still good-for-you option to add to your morning cup of coffee.


Still not sold on the brand? Horizon has been a pioneer in the natural foods industry, producing organic dairy for 27 years. I use their half and half in my coffee, it's my one indulgence that I will not compromise on or give up when I go on a calorie restrictive diet. And when it comes to buying organic, a reputable brand isn't always easy to come by. But Horizon has not only been in the business longer than some of us have been alive, but they have actually played an instrumental role with the USDA to establish organic standards and even helped create the USDA Organic seal of approval — thanks, Horizon!

But where does the added protein come from? The extra protein found in Horizon Organic Protein Milk comes from organic milk protein concentrate made from high-quality complete proteins naturally found in milk, so you're getting excellent protein with out adding anything extra. Plus, every serving also contains other important nutrients that are essential for kids and adults alike, such as vitamin D, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and phosphorus. And the health benefits don't stop there. Researchers from the University of Guelph who published their findings in the Journal of Dairy Science found that having high protein milk for breakfast can reduce blood sugar levels.


To find Horizon's line of high protein milk, search for the closest retailer using their store locator, and check out the rest of the website for full amazing recipes and other interesting info.

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