Chuck Hodes/FOX

How Did Camilla Die On 'Empire'? Her Exit From The Show Was Unexpected

After last week's wildly unpredictable episode of Empire, I have to come to learn that anything goes with this series. In case you missed it — Hakeem's villain ex-girlfriend, Camilla, was killed off the show recently, and the unexpected plot twist pretty much threw everyone for a loop. If you didn't catch all the live drama, you may now be wondering — how did Camilla die on Empire? I bet you didn't see this one coming.

Ready for the answer? Camilla actually died by way of suicide. But why would the new Creative Director of Empire kill herself after she took reigns of the company and got Hakeem back in her life? It's a lot more complicated than it seems — this is Empire, after all.

During the last few minutes of the second episode since the return, Empire decided to casually reveal that Mimi is dead. But, it wasn't exactly clear how she died. Camilla was seen cleaning off the bathtub where Mimi's body was, alluding to the fact that she killed Mimi (who was already dying of cancer). Once Mimi died, Camilla became the one in charge of Empire, it's basically the only reason the two got together in the first place. We're left to believe that Camilla staged Mimi's death (by giving her poison), which ultimately became her fate, too.

Lucious walks in to witness Camilla cleaning up after killing Mimi — convenient timing if you ask me. This leads to a verbal altercation between the two and eventually concludes with Lucious convincing Camilla to kill herself. She then proceeds to swallow the same poison Mimi ingested, and boom, she's dead. Seem sudden? Totally, which is why I can't help but wonder, is Camilla really dead?

Well, if the funeral/memorial that Wednesday's Empire began with was any indication, Camilla is absolutely dead. Everyone was gathered there, even those that had a hand in killing her — and all of a sudden, Empire was back in the hands of the Lyon family. As it should be.