Page & DeRon From 'Flip or Flop Nashville' Share An Interesting Backstory

No one could ever replace the beloved Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, but now that the show is coming to a close, it’s time to set your sights on the next big home renovation couple, even if they aren’t necessarily together. At least that’s the case for Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins, but since they’re exes who seem to work well together, fans will probably be wondering: how did Page and DeRon meet on Flip or Flop Nashville?

Unsurprisingly, they met when Page, a realtor, was showing her clients a home that DeRon had renovated, according to the HGTV website. Out of their initial meeting, a romance grew that lasted five years for the couple, but eventually it was apparent that they work better as colleagues and friends rather than as a romantic couple.

"I always say we work well together now, we just didn't work well together in that aspect," Page said on News Channel 5 in Nashville. "He has a good eye for design, I try to put in my 2 cents, [and] he usually doesn't accept that, but I try to get it in somehow — sneak it in, increase the budget a little bit." So basically, the kind of back and forth we’ve all come to know and love with these kinds of shows.

The show initially began as a new project for the network called Joined at the Flip, which Page had considered a good opportunity for them to be able to put their skills to use together. But soon it became Flip or Flop Nashville instead, and although they may be exes, they seem like they’re in this for the long haul.

"The secret is respect and trust. We respect each other," DeRon told Us Weekly "We feel like we both are at the top of our craft. We work well together as far as trusting. I know what she’s gonna do, she knows what I’m gonna do. Our expectations of each other are very realistic. We make it work."

Page added, "We dated for a long time, but we still remained friends. So that’s I think the big difference. We didn’t have this huge blow up where we just stopped speaking and all that drama. We still work together well and make money." But of course it wasn't always easy between the exes. After their breakup years ago, they spent a good two years apart to sort of take a breather from each other and when they reunited as friends, it felt natural for them. So seeing them as the newest HGTV home renovation team is going to be interesting, since they’re not currently a couple and they aren't going through a breakup during the filming of the show.

Their dynamic as exes might even be better than that of those married couples buying and renovating homes on other shows. In Flip or Flop Nashville’s first episode, DeRon joked, "I can’t believe Page bought this house without telling me! That’s probably why we broke up in the first place." But, Page told HGTV, they know the value in concentrating on the work too. "We do run a business, so it’s a serious business, and we have to make sure we realize a profit at the end of it all," Page said. "But we also know that it’s fun."

You definitely have to know how to have fun and keep an open mind when it comes to renovating houses, or you’ll end up hitting sledgehammers through walls out of anger rather than necessity. But Page and DeRon seem to have that covered. The story of how they met really brings it all full circle and I can’t wait to see more of their dynamic on TV.

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