How Orgasms Differ Before And After Pregnancy

Having a baby changes everything, and that goes for your sex life as well. This does not necessarily mean it will be better or worse after you have a baby, just different. With that in mind, how do orgasms differ before and after pregnancy? This concern has likely crossed your mind once or twice.

For many women, postpartum sex is where it's at. As noted in Women's Health, the nerve compression from birth may actually make you more orgasmic after you deliver a child. It's like a push present from your own body. In fact, some women may even achieve multiple orgasms for the first time after having a baby, as noted in Pregnancy & Baby. Hopefully, you'll fall into the category of women who enjoy better orgasms than ever after having a baby.

However, some women do struggle to achieve an orgasm after giving birth. Everything from sleep deprivation to less time for foreplay can throw off your groove, as explained in Parenting. For many parents, it's difficult to mentally get in the mood when one ear is always open for a crying baby. (And it seems like babies always cry at the most inopportune moments.) It's no wonder orgasms sometimes seem unattainable.

If you do find it tricky to orgasm after having a baby, then it's important to go easy on yourself. Adapting to life with a new baby can frazzle even the calmest of souls, and it's totally fine if your body and its sexual responses don't bounce back right away. (The whole bounce back idea has its own set of problems, anyway.) If you just want to give your body some time to adjust, without any pressure of sexual performance, then that's a great choice.

On the other hand, it's totally understandable if you're really craving a bit of me time. Fortunately, there is a tried-and-true trick that's helped many women: Kegel exercises. According to What To Expect, Kegels may help you achieve orgasm more easily. They're free and easy to try, so there's no harm in the attempt. That said, if you struggle get to the big O after giving these pelvic floor exercises a shot, then a trip to your doctor may help you find other ways to get attuned to your body again.