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Here's How Long Becca & Arie Were Actually Together After 'The Bachelor'

by Chrissy Bobic

In order to keep the ending of The Bachelor secret before the season has finished airing, the engaged couple typically gets weekend trips to a predetermined house to have some private time together in secret. As viewers saw during the finale of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor Monday night, both he and Becca Kufrin were given the same treatment. But clearly theirs was cut a little short, so how long were Becca and Arie together after The Bachelor? For Becca, things ended a lot sooner than expected, since she clearly saw Arie as the only man she’d ever be engaged to, let alone marry, and said more than once that she saw their future together so clearly.

However, because Arie struggled so much with his decision to choose Becca over Lauren Burnham, their honeymoon phase away from cameras for the most part wasn’t as idyllic as it should have been. And not long after The Bachelor premiered, Arie broke off the engagement with Becca to try and pursue a relationship with Lauren, though the timeframe between filming ending and the actual breakup may be a little confusing for some viewers, especially since the former couple couldn't exactly post anything about their relationship on social media throughout the season.

Filming of The Bachelor typically ends in November, before the holiday season begins, and when Arie first arrived at the weekend house for his and Becca's "Happy Couples" weekend getaway, he sat down with Becca and asked her how Las Vegas was. It was a short little exchange before the big stuff came, but it’s probably the biggest clue to explain how long Becca and Arie were together after The Bachelor. On Becca’s Instagram, there’s a picture dated January 10 which shows her and a guy friend in front of The Venetian in Las Vegas. That was a Wednesday, which means that Becca’s trip to Vegas was in the middle of the week, just a few days before the actual weekend, when she and Arie likely met at the safe house in Los Angeles.

Since Los Angeles isn’t all that far from Vegas, in terms of a quick flight, Becca likely spent a few days in Vegas before making the weekend trip to the house to meet Arie. This means that their relationship lasted until mid-January. If you include the time spent on The Bachelor as the real beginning of their relationship, then Arie and Becca were together for a total of around four months. But after The Bachelor, Arie and Becca were together for a little under two months.

It might not seem like much, but when you’re in the bubble of The Bachelor and literally all you have to do is concern yourself with cultivating a meaningful relationship, time moves differently and they were able to build something real with each other. This is probably why is was so difficult for Arie to make the decision when choosing between Lauren B. and Becca and why the breakup hurt Becca so much, even after being together for just a couple of months following the end of filming.

Chris Harrison confirmed as much when he told Good Morning America that Arie approached him about his conflicted feelings regarding Lauren B. and Becca around "six to eight weeks" after filming had ended. "That’s when he came to me and said, 'I can't fake this for another weekend. I know I really care about Lauren and I want to give this a shot,'" Harrison revealed. "That’s when he made the choice."

After Becca’s Instagram post from Vegas, there are far more photos from her experience filming The Bachelor with the other women than with Arie himself and now it’s easy to see why.

With any luck, though, Becca will be able to make a comeback of epic proportions as the next Bachelorette, but that has yet to be announced or revealed. Still, all of the #TeamBecca fans can dream, right?

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