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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Was Just Extended A Few Episodes

In an time when cable TV shows that span 12 episodes per season are the norm, I thank the TV gods that primetime network television is still a thing. Most shows on primetime TV still get the 20 or so episode order each season. Now, Grey’s Anatomy just upped the ante for its current season and if you’re a fan wondering how many episode Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy is, you’re probably going to be as excited as I am. Not that I enjoy being a slave to all of my shows, but sometimes a dozen episodes just doesn't cut it. I need to be entertained all the time. It’s bad enough that winter and spring hiatuses are now more common than they used to be, so I think I’m allowed to be giddy over the news that Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 has expanded from 22 episodes to 25.

It actually hasn't had such a super-sized season since Season 13. Before that, a season wasn't this long since way back in season 3. To be fair, Season 2 ran for 27 episodes, but this is still a big deal, especially since the order came now, in the middle of the season. Grey’s Anatomy is ABC’s number one show right now, however. In December, TVLine reported that despite some fans finding storylines to be a little repetitive and at times stale, Grey’s Anatomy is still the number one show on the network in terms of ratings. Actual viewership this season has ranged from 6 million to almost 8 million viewers per episode. A mid-season additional episode order might not be common, but it’s definitely well-deserved for Grey’s Anatomy in particular.

I’m sure viewers were already excited to see where things pick up when Grey’s Anatomy returns on Jan. 17, but this opens the door for more storylines and fleshed out character arcs. When Season 15 left off in 2018, a wind storm had several pairs of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors in tricky situations. Schmidt and Nico finally gave into their attraction for each other and started hooking up in an abandoned ambulance. In the middle of the wind storm.

Then, Owen, Amelia, and Teddy got stuck in an elevator together because this is Grey’s and only the most monumental things happen in elevators. The big reveal that Teddy is carrying Owen’s baby is likely going to throw a wrench in Owen and Amelia’s future and I’ll be watching through hands half covering my eyes.

Backing up for a second, I feel it’s my duty to give proper attention to Nico and Schmidt’s budding romance. Fans are calling them "Schmico," by the way, just in case you didn't know. Up until Season 15, Schmidt’s sexuality was never really brought into question and at one point, he had a crush on Jo. When he saw new "ortho god" Nico, it was clear that he had other feelings that had not yet bubbled to the surface. His monologue in the Grey’s Anatomy winter finale, however, spoke to so many fans struggling with their own sexualities and it didn't take long for viewers to stan Schmico.

Jake Borelli, who plays Schmidt and came out to his family and friends almost 10 years ago, told Entertainment Weekly that he can appreciate the weight of his storyline this season. "I get a chance to act in a storyline I would have craved when I was younger," he said. "I feel so connected to the character, and I’m super excited to go into work every day and bring this storyline to life."

With the addition of the three extra episodes this season, Grey’s Anatomy may be able to devote even more time to the first ever gay couple on the show. Though I’d be lying if I said I wasn't holding out hope for more Jackson and Maggie drama and hopefully something for Meredith’s love life.

This extra long season is proof more than ever that the show has tremendous staying power and despite some fans probably wondering how much longer Grey’s Anatomy will last, it seems to be doing better than ever with no real end in sight.

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