Do Zach And Tori Roloff Want More Kids?

Zach and Tori Roloff — of Little People, Big World fame — welcomed a baby boy named Jackson Kyle on Friday. This is the first child for the young couple, who got married in July 2015. Even as they get settled into the first week of their baby's life on the outside, some fans have wondered: How many kids do Zach and Tori Roloff want? Even though their lives have been documented for the last 11 years on the TLC reality show, there's no simple answer that appears to have been parsed out from either of them.

Meanwhile, Zach's brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey are also expecting their first child together, a girl due in September — so Zach and Tori can certainly expect plenty of playdates for the two cousins. When Audrey announced her pregnancy in February, she told Us Weekly she hoped to one day have as many as four kids with husband Jeremy. Meanwhile, sister-in-law Tori hasn't officially spilled the beans about how many kids she'd like to have — and neither has Zach.

In a video clip posted to TLC's YouTube channel, Zach and Tori brainstorm baby names. But even though they know they're having a boy, Tori has a few backup girl names, just in case they ever have a girl in the future.

It's obvious that Zach and Tori are completely enamored with their sweet baby, as well they should be. Tori recently posted another photo of baby Jackson Tuesday to her Instagram account. The Insta was a gorgeously sweet picture of herself kissing baby Jackson on his chubby little baby cheek. Seriously, could you not just eat him right up? Cue my ovaries exploding. Her caption gushes with love for the newest member of the Roloff family, saying, "This is what I was meant to do."

Even though the Roloffs haven't officially gone on record as to how many kids they ultimately want, I totally understand why they wouldn't — or at least, haven't yet. As a first-time parent, it can be hard to fathom having another child as you enter the trial by fire known as "parenting a newborn" — because said newborn pretty much becomes your whole world. It's almost impossible to think about having more kids when you're just figuring out how to parent the first one!

The couple is young, too: Zach just turned 27 and Tori is 25 — so there's still plenty to time to think about having more children if they want. For now, let's just let them happily bask in the precious sweetness of having their very first child. D'awwww... just look at that happy family. Soak it up, #ZandTPartyOfThree!