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'Southern Charm' Newbie Madison Is Also A Mom Outside Of The Show

Madison LeCroy probably didn't know what she was getting into when she started dating Austen and agreed to be on Southern Charm Season 6. Her time on the show so far has been full of the drama that makes the reality TV world go round, but outside of the show, she is a devoted mom who prefers to spend her free time without a constant barrage of cameras in her face. And because she’s still a newbie on the show, fans might be wondering how many kids Madison has outside of Southern Charm.

It might be hard to believe Madison has a whole life that isn't about Southern Charm, but when it comes to her six-year-old son, that seems to be the case. Madison has just one kid right now and I don't see that changing with big kid Austen anytime soon, but I have a feeling it’s the way she prefers it for the time being. She did post some photos on her Instagram with other kids over the Fourth of July weekend this year, but they appear to be her niece and nephews, so it's safe to say that Madison is all about family when she’s not knee deep in Southern Charm drama.

Madison originally became tight with the cast through Patricia Altschul and her LinkedIn profile says she did hair and makeup for Southern Charm long before she was ever added to the cast. Part of her life as a makeup and hair stylist is the amount of traveling she gets to do, which has put her on the map with her career. Because of all of her traveling, she looks forward to the time she gets to spend time with her son when she’s back at home.

In a 2018 interview with Beckett Boutique in Charleston, S.C., Madison said that while she is living her dream job right now, her ideal days off are spent with her son. "I would say the best day for me would be one on the water with my son, fishing and catching some rays," she said.

Madison regularly posts photos of and with her son and from going fishing, to having ice cream dates and visiting Walt Disney World, they are basically living their best life together. In an Instagram post for his birthday last year, Madison wrote a long caption which included, "You are my everything, and my greatest blessing. Six years ago you made me a mom, and for that I will be eternally grateful."

There aren't any photos of Austen with Madison’s son just yet, so she could be easing him into her son’s life. But on the bright side, maybe dating someone who is an adult with a child of her own will help mature Austen a little bit. Of course recent events (ahem, Colorado) haven’t proven that to be true just yet, but there is still time.

It also helps that, like Madison, family is important to Austen. In an interview with Decider, Austen revealed Madison met his family before she was even part of the show and they took an immediate liking to her. If you’re in with the family, that’s usually a good sign. "They think that she’s adorable, as everyone who meets Madison does, which is frustrating as hell sometimes," he said.

It might be a little while longer before Madison feels totally comfortable bringing her son around the cameras, or if she even plans to at some point. But with all of the ongoing drama on Southern Charm, it might be best to keep both parts of her life separate, at least for now.