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How Old Was Kevin When Jack Died? 'This Is Us' Hints At The Tragic Day

Since the series began, viewers have become entranced by This Is Us. The characters, the storylines, the unforgiven emotions fans are forced to feel on a daily basis — it's all part of what makes the show unlike any other. But just like in real life, these characters' lives are riddled with hardship, particularly in regards to one character, Jack, flawlessly played by Milo Ventimiglia. It's now been revealed that Jack dies on This Is Us, however, fans still have yet to find out when such a tragedy will strike, though, Tuesday night's episode "Career Days" did a good job toying with that very question thanks to Kevin's storyline. So how old was Kevin when Jack died on This Is Us? Viewers came *thisclose* to finding out.

Things with Kevin's new acting job haven't been going very well, mainly due to the fact that he shuts down and becomes almost robotic when faced with what should be an emotional scene. So as a way to get in touch with his feelings, his colleague/potential love interest took him to crash a funeral for inspirational purposes. Soon enough, Kevin found himself alone with the widow and started opening up to her in ways fans have never seen before.

"My dad and I used to build models together when I was a kid," Kevin revealed. "When he died, I threw all the models away." But when the widow inquired when it was exactly that he lost his father, all Kevin would say was that it happened "a long time ago." So there goes that theory that he died when the kids were all grown up. Based on this, I'd say they were teenagers when they lost their father, which is heartbreaking beyond words.

In these numerous flashbacks, Jack has proven time and time again what a great husband and father he truly is. So to know that his days are numbered with each passing episode is almost too terrible to bear. But therein lies the beauty in this show. It makes us care so much, whether we want to or not. I only hope that when Jack's time does run out, that he's surrounded by the people he loves most. He deserves that much and quite honestly, so do we.