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Here's How Much Money The 'Southern Charm' Cast Makes

The most important ingredient for an addictive reality show is a hilarious cast that gets into juicy fights when the alcohol starts to flow. But in order to make the train wreck all the more extravagant, it helps if they're also living a lavish lifestyle. Which is precisely why Bravo's Southern Charm is so binge-worthy — they've really got it all. But how rich is the Southern Charm cast really? Since some of them don't appear to have time-consuming careers (like, what does Shep even do?), there must be a lot of family money stacked up in each of their bank accounts.

The draw of the show is the idea of this "Old South," and Charleston definitely lives up to its reputation. Cast member and creator Whitney Sudler-Smith told UrbanDaddy that was exactly what he wanted to capture. "The idea of southern aristocracy... it’s interesting that even though they’ve lived this fairy tale existence, they have real problems like everyone else in America would," he told the outlet.

Charleston is the 28th most expensive city in the country to live in, which means that the cast members aren't wasting a lot of their dough on housing or food. And they definitely buy houses, drinks, and food all day, every day. So what's going on with this Southern Charm cast and how much money do they really have in their pocket? Here's what we know...

Whitney Sudler Smith

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Whitney comes from very old money and currently works as a film director when he's not filming the show. He splits his time between Charleston and Los Angeles and travels a lot, which means he's gotta have some spending money. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Whitney is worth about $2 million, though with more Southern Charm spin-offs and deals with Bravo, that could go up in no time.

Thomas Ravenel

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Thomas' father has a bridge named after him and the playboy was once the state treasurer, so he's definitely what you call "Old Money." When he's not torturing Kathryn with new nannies and girlfriends, he also has a commercial real estate company. He must have spent all his cash on campaigns and legal fees, though, since Celebrity Net Worth says he's only worth about $2 million. It seems like he should be more, right?

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis

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Kathryn comes from a political family, too. She's a descendent of John C. Calhoun, who was the seventh Vice President of the United States and is the granddaughter of Rembert C. Dennis, who served in both chambers of the state's legislature. She's a socialite, but also did some modeling, so her money comes from all different sources. Celebrity Net Worth says she's worth about $600,000, which is pretty impressive for a single mom like herself.

Cameran Eubanks

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Cameran is just the best. Not only is she a new mom to a baby girl but she's also kind of a mom to Shep. Cam also has her real estate license, and did you know she was on MTV's The Real World: San Diego? The southern belle has done pretty well for herself, with about $500,000 in her name, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Craig Conover

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Craig is the entrepreneur of the group. He's a "law student," an expert tailor, and a grill master. But does he have any cash? According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has about $200,000 in assets. Not bad, but he better start making more aprons.

Shepard 'Shep' Rose

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Oh, Shep. He just bought and renovated a house, so he's got to have some money in the bank, right? He does invest in bars, so at least he puts his time to good use. That, along with the money from his appearances on the show, and his spinoff, RelationShep, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the eternal frat boy is worth about $200,000. He and Craig have a lot more in common than not knowing how to work a grill.

Austen Kroll

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Austen was the newbie last season and a beer distributor. But this year opened up with him saying that he had lost his job and Chelsea mentioned that he made her pay for things when they went on dates. So how much is he worth? Celebrity Net Worth doesn't even have a listing for him, so let's just assume that it's not a lot.

Naomie Olindo

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Naomie gave Craig a lot of flak about working and being productive because she's a busy gal herself, working as a real estate agent. Her family is reportedly wealthy according to OK Here Is The Situation, but there's no listing for her net worth on any of the usual sources. We'll have to wait until she causes more drama on the show and gets more on the radar.

Chelsea Meissner

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Chelsea is probably the most low key cast member of all of them and she doesn't appear to come from old money. She works as a hairdresser and just bought a new house, so she definitely supports herself. But she's not on any of the gossip sites that calculate celebrity's net worth just yet. Give her time.

This crew might not have as much money as some of the other Bravo casts, but they definitely hold it down. Work hard to play hard, right?