Monty Brinton/CBS

Faysal On 'Big Brother' Is More Teddy Bear Than Beast

There are some houseguests on Big Brother that you can get a good read on within the first few minutes. If they seem outgoing, then they’re likely going to glide through the first few weeks. And if they’re tall and imposing, they could be the competition beasts of the summer. Faysal is definitely one of the tallest houseguests the show has ever featured, but he’s more like a big teddy bear than a beast. Even so, fans are likely wondering, how tall is Faysal on Big Brother? According to his Instagram bio, Faysal is 6’5” tall, but don’t let his height fool you. He has yet to win one of the big physical competitions this summer, even if he is a former college athlete.

Outside of the Big Brother house, Faysal is an athlete through and through. He is a former college Division One football player and he is also extremely active in the gym, with tons of the requisite gym selfies on his Instagram. In fact, he even has his own fitness app. Faysal’s height on Big Brother doesn’t necessarily mean anything good or bad for his game at this point. But since he’s the tallest person in the house right now and one of his closest BFFs is JC, the shorter houseguests, it’s hard not to notice his stature.

On Sunday’s episode of Big Brother, there was a segment called "The Tall and Short of It," which was basically a spoof sitcom starring Fessy and JC. As the tallest and shortest of the house, respectively, they’re something of an odd couple in the most adorable way. They’re often seen bantering, lounging together, play-fighting in the pool, or just talking game. In a game that can be as cutthroat as this one, the two's bond is nothing short of adorable.

Even before Faysal’s height was specifically out, viewers were already a little curious about his stature. Faysal kind of towers over everybody, even if he's not trying to be intimidating. And although he hasn't exactly ruled in physical competitions yet, he has been playing a pretty solid game.

Faysal’s biggest strength so far this season has actually been his social game, as he’s been able to connect with everyone in the house. I feel like there’s been a point where almost everyone has been considered to go up on the block for eviction during each head of household reign so far this season. Yet Faysal has managed to play a clean game without manipulating other houseguests and he’s flown through the first few weeks unscathed.

Since day one, Faysal was building relationships and alliances with other houseguests. He was part of the original Foutte alliance and when that one started breaking apart, he then became part of the new Sacred Six alliance. He also has a flirt-mance with Hayleigh, he was tight with Kaitlyn until she was voted out, and he and JC have a pretty close bond. Not to mention that the only arguments Faysal has ever gotten into have resulted in nothing more serious than Kaitlyn following him around the house until she made things right and JC laughing it off. Much like Tyler, Faysal has made friends in every corner of the house and within alliances outside of his own. Faysal might look like an intimidating competition beast, but the Big Brother contestant’s height just scratches the surface of the game he’s playing right now.