How To Do Wonder Woman Face Paint For Kids

As a kid, I thought Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was a total badass — I still do. She represented women in an industry that was run by male comic book characters like Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern, and Captain America. When Gal Gadot stepped into the iconic role this past June, it was to be expected she would inspire a resurgence of Wonder Woman Halloween costumes for adults and kids alike. But if your child asks to be the Princess of the Amazons, then you might need to know how to do Wonder Woman face paint for kids.

Of course, it's first important to assess the situation: Are you trying to be completely authentic to the Wonder Woman getup? Or is your child too young to sit through an hour of hair and makeup? Are you up for making a few DIY accessories or are you more concerned about finding a safe paint to use on your child's face? Knowing how you want to approach the costume will help you choose the best tools for creating the face paint of your kid's superhero dreams.

And if all else fails? Make sure they nail their Wonder Woman moves. Because nothing says Goddess Of Truth like some wicked spins and arm blocks.


Go All Out

You'll feel like a superhero mom after pulling off this look from Jessica Rose. You'll need a base foundation ($7, Target), a loose powder ($9, Target), bronzer ($4, Walmart), blush ($5, Rite Aid), a multicolored face paint palette ($9, Target), gold eye shadow ($1, Target) and signature red lipstick ($3, Target).


Go Without Face Paint

All you need is eyeshadow to create this Wonder Woman look from Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge. Find a multicolored eye shadow palette ($18, Target), then start with a yellow shadow at the inner corner of the eye, then move on to a red shadow on the center of the eye lid. Finish the lids with a blue shadow on the outer corners. If your kid is still being patient and you want to take the look one step further, then grab some eyeliner to add a star at the base of the eyebrow, connecting it with the winged eye shadow.


Go Natural

Want to go au naturel? Choose a certified non-toxic face paint, like this eco-friendly set from Natural Earth Paint ($19). Most conventional paints will have a "non-toxic" label, notes Natural Earth Founder Leah Fanning, but are made with less-than-pure ingredients, like heavy metals, toxic additives, and formaldehyde as a preservative. "You can get really creative — have fun with it," she tells Romper. "And don’t forget to add some touches of natural gold face paint at the end."


Go For Quick And Easy

This simple tutorial from DIY Kids FacePaint requires a face paint kit ($5, Party City) that includes red, yellow, and black paints. This is the ideal choice if you are short on time or the enthusiasm to pull off a more complicated look.


Go With DIY Accessories

With some glue, construction paper, a pair of scissors and a bit of creativity, you can create the perfect headband and wrist cuffs to accompany the DIY face paint or makeup of your choice. The best part? You also get to help your little one practice some pretty awesome superhero moves.

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