How to Dress Like Beyonce's Pregnancy Announcement for Halloween 'Cause She's a Boss (And So Are You)

All hail Queen B. Beyonce is the perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume — or pregnancy announcement photo — that highlights your bump. Why? Because Beyonce is a boss b*tch. Remember when she revealed she was having twins? The over-the-top elegance of it all immediately made us all (expecting, or not) want to figure out how to dress like Beyonce in her pregnancy announcement, and the best part is that we realized that you don't have to break the bank to do it.

Copy the mauve femme fatal bra and silky briefs she wore when she broke the Internet to reveal she was having twins, and you'll exude diva sexiness and sass with whatever interpretation you have with it. If the stars are aligning for you and you're also looking to drop your pregnancy announcement at the same time as Halloween, we say go for it. You can even do a subtle gender reveal with the color choices if you decide to find out and announce what your baby will be.

Let's start with the Instagram that broke the Internet.

You might be wondering where you've seen this getup before. According to Vanity Fair, Beyonce's pregnancy announcement is similar to the classic Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus and a 15th-century painting of the Virgin Mary and her child. Why is this important? Because beyond the three pieces of clothing she's wearing, the subtle makeup, and her cascading hair, you can draw inspiration from these paintings too. In the classic painting, Venus is in the buff, and two figures are bringing flowy cloth toward her. Maybe you can use said cloth as a veil or creatively drape it like a dress as a nod to both Queen Bee and classic art.

Bottom line is that you're going to need a veil, a bra, and silk briefs.


The Veil

Mint Silk Scarf, $42, Etsy

Beyonce's veil was the subject of many speculations. While it could mean many things to her, it will be your own interpretation. Bey used a mesh-like sea foam green fabric, and you can find similar items by the yard at any crafts store. You can also buy a bridal veil and dye it pretty easily. But if you're not feeling the whole DIY thing, you can find a pretty similar veil or scarf on Etsy, like this mint silk scarf.


The Bra

Embroidered Triangle Bra, $14, ASOS | Gia Allover Lace Bra, $29, Frederick's

While you could dish out the $130 plus tax to get the exact Agent Provacateur bra from Net-A-Porter, but in a different color because Bey's version is sold out, you could also find something much cheaper. Some key words to look for when you're shopping online or at the store are scalloped, embroidered, and tulle. Companies like ASOS or Frederick's of Hollywood have bras that are similar starting at $14.


The Panties

Powder Blue Panty, $64, Liviara | French Button Up Knicker, $32, Unique Vintage | Joan French Knickers, $45, My Retro Closet | Silk French Knickers, $32, Etsy | Satin Sea Foam Green Panties, $20, Etsy

The silk panties that Queen Bee wore are from Liviara. They also come in four different colors if you feel like doing a variation of Beyonce's look. Otherwise, try looking at vintage lingerie stores for similar options like this fuller coverage one from Unique Vintage, or this one from My Retro Closet. There's also some promising options on Etsy like this purple option or this sea foam green pair.


The Flower Backdrop

Daisy Wreath, $99, Michaels | Silk Roses Bouquet, $23, Amazon |

You could go for real roses, carnations, mustard flowers, and greenery trimmings, but artificial roses can be just as beautiful (and a lot cheaper). You'll want red, yellow, pink, and purple flowers with fern-like greenery stems. You can buy this Daisy, Ranunculus, and Morning Glory Wreath, or find your own flowers like this on Amazon or at Michaels and glue them on to a cardboard backdrop. There's a helpful DIY guide on how to make the wreath from Life of Bliss.


The Lipstick

Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick, $8, Bliss |

In the photo, Beyonce is wearing a gorgeous coral-red lipstick. Try this long-lasting liquid lipstick.


The Nails

Press on Nails, $8, H&M

Beyonce is sporting a trend that's been in nails that can cost you a pretty penny if you go to the salon. Instead, try these press-ons as I am.


The Brows

Boy Brow, $16, Glossier

Beyonce's brows are on fleek. They're full and well shaped. My latest obsession has been the Glossier Boy Brow for a naturally looking filled-in brow.

You now have everything to recreate the look. Good luck, now go make them look jealous and crazy.

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